Sunday, May 1, 2011

A lovely breeze and sunshine

Another beautiful Sunday morning in Arizona....
......This Tropicana Canna just opened...what a lovely color.
My brother Alan is back home in Rhode Island. He will return next Spring for his visit. Yesterday was spent putting the guest room back to my sewing room.I only had to move a few things out and they are now back in place and so am I. One of these days I will post just what this room looks like. Later today I hope to be joined by my dear friend Ziz for a hibiscus drink...she wants to try one...maybe we will have two !. They are smooth and the flower...did I mention that it is edible? is good. A fun drink. Well....did some laundry and of course some stitching....even while Alan was visiting and we sat outside, I managed to work on my La D join me at my other place and see how much I did.
As always I am so glad to have you visit....enjoy your day.

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Nancy said...

Enjoy your Sunday!