Friday, June 22, 2012

A win and a finish

Remember the start to my day yesterday?  I had a few minutes before walking out the door so I visited Kitten Stitching and Kaye announced that I was the winner of her 200th followers drawing! It certainly perked me up. I don't know what I won as it will be a surprise. Speaking of having 200 followers, it appears that I may also be there soon! I am still amazed at those who stopped to join me. Thank you all. Of course it will mean I will be having a giveaway.
On to my finish...
I decided to go ahead and make it a bracelet and then I added some beads. What I did not account for was the cutting and size. It would be a bit too tight so I added a small length of chain to one end. I think it is better because it really does not bend softly. I can't wait to make more. I think I may even include one in my next giveaway....

We are in for another hot day today. I had to chuckle at the weather report on TV this morning,. The weather person said we would be in for a cool spell by the weekend. The temps she posted were 106. The monsoon season is officially here so it may be some rain included. The plants will love it and truth be told, I welcome the sound of rain. Today I will be working with Iris and the Needle project. I plan... who knows. Still can't believe my follow count reached 199! My goodness! Thank you for sharing some time with me and I wish you a good day.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

If I could~~~~~

If I could~~~~ I would make changes here and there. If I could~~~~ I would start this day over. Ms Zoe has been driving Mr H and I nuts since 3 am... I know, it really is not her fault, but it is not ours either. She is not having a good start to her day, hence neither are we. I have to go in early today so of course right now I would rather be putting my head to my pillow. Anyway, I did want to update you on my project...

This is where I am so far..... the lovely pink of the linen does not really show here... maybe the next update. It is a pleasant stitch and I hope to get more accomplished tomorrow.
I also would really like to get more stitched on Iris.... I have been lax with that one.

A note about my Southwestern Hash Browns from yesterday. Now I freely admit that I do not cook. Oh I could if I had to, but Mr H does the cooking so I just enjoy. Anyway, these are packaged hash and they are a blend of peppers and jalapeno is dominate. Lots of spices and other good stuff. Simply toss it in a fry pan and saute. Voila, hot spicy potatoes. Not something I could eat every day, but I do enjoy them. My doctor thinks I should have them less often! Long chat with her yesterday.... I promised her I would try all that she recommends. Tough getting old mature.
I have been organizing a cousin's get to together for August back in Rhode Island. I know, it is a way off, but not really when you think about people back there making their vacation plans. Anyway, I thought it may be difficult doing this 3000 miles away but surprisingly, it is coming together. We are a small family and I just know this is going to be wonderful. Normally going back there is hard. I get pulled in so many directions that by the time I return home to Arizona, I need a vacation! This time I know it will be different. More on the happenings later. For now I want to say hello to my new friends and thank you for taking the time to visit with me. I appreciate the kind thoughts and emails. So with that I wish you all a lovely day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A finish....

I just finished my new bag....

The bag is a nice large size but not over powering. I could not find buttons that I liked and I needed 8, so I bought wood discs and drilled holes and stained them and voila! I am already thinking which fabric to get to make another. I think these two look fab together.
And yes, it seems I can post pictures again. Also my page is back to normal. Little things do mean a lot sometimes. We are in for another hot hot hot day. My only errand is to the doctor...routine stuff. I may attempt to stitch today...and I really want to finish my braiding... just can't decide to make a bracelet or necklace. I am leaning toward the bracelet which I tend to wear more of.
Well, my stomach is asking for food......I think Southwest Hash browns and scrambled egg with a cup of tea. Thank you so much for all your kind words and emails. I truly appreciate your friendship. Madame Muriel is thinking about where to travel---you still have time to let us know if you are interested in having her visit with you. She has 3 offers so far...Italy, Australia and Pacific NW. I do hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lost my stitching energy but Madame Muriel is here

I have looked everywhere.... in the craft closet, out on the lanai and the garage. I just can't find my stitching energy. I know it will be found, it always is, but for now, it is missing. So what have I been doing? Well, for starts, I began and thought I would finish a tote bag. Thought I had everything at the ready. I forgot to get the heavy duty Pellon. Everything is cut and prepared. Since I will be at work today I will get it so I can work on it tomorrow... day off. I have been in the mood to sew... by machine. This is the fabric for the bag...I love it!
 But I did get ready for another hand embroidered piece.... I have to blame Kaaren from The Painted Quilt for the wonderful projects she designs and offers. She is just so talented and generous to share.

The temp was 114 yesterday and promises to be a hot week. Poor Ms Zoe does not even want to go outside... but until she learns to use and flush the toilet, well, outside is where she will be sent. I think the arthritis pills are helping... very hard to tell. But she is getting a bit more forgetful. However, she is not forgetful when she smells food. Did I mention she gets her pills broken in pieces and wrapped in Prosciutto? To say she is a spoiled pooch... excuse me, "member of the family" as Mr H told me to refer to her... is a fact.

A word from Madame Muriel
Well, hello friends. As I mentioned in a previous post, this hot weather is getting to be a little too much for me. I am fine in the lovely air conditioned house and car, but I am just too hot to do or go anywhere. So, after a discussion with Ms Zoe, I am looking to travel again. I have enjoyed my time here. Seeing the cacti, sitting by the little pond watching the large fish eye me as they swim by, and chatting with the dolls in the sewing room. So, if you are interested in hosting me for a visit, I am taking requests, so please comment or email me and I will be getting ready for a departure by the end of the month. Let me know why I would like to visit with you.
Have you noticed? My blog seems to be back to normal... whatever that is. I had to change the way I connect. Now I am using Firefox and I deleted many pictures from Picasa. Lots were duplicates anyway. So for now, I seem to be able to function. I do hope you have a great day. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I do enjoy hearing from you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The long and short of it~~~

Yesterday was a day I do not wish to repeat. I spent 4.... yes four... hours on line with The Geek Squad. My printer decided to separate itself into 2! Why you ask... who knows. I certainly did not give it permission to do so. So the Geek buddy began to help sort it out. Then that led to another issue then it led to doing a check up. All in all, it took 4 hours from start to finish. I have to say, it is the best service that I purchase each year.  Now about my blog issue. It seems that if I open in Google, it is not as usual. If I open in Firefox, it is as usual. Go figure cause I am giving up. Then about my photo issue. I have used up my free storage allotment so now it is time to upgrade for a cost. I know the cost is nominal, but geez. I plan to go and set up a separate account for the fee to be deducted from today. I am more comfortable with it that way. So for now, no pictures to post. Wait til you see the new tote bag I started. Love it! The day was very hot yesterday and it is expected to be 113 today... I will be indoors with the cool of the air on. That means, stitching time. Thanks for putting up with me today... I do hope you have a great day.