Monday, June 18, 2012

The long and short of it~~~

Yesterday was a day I do not wish to repeat. I spent 4.... yes four... hours on line with The Geek Squad. My printer decided to separate itself into 2! Why you ask... who knows. I certainly did not give it permission to do so. So the Geek buddy began to help sort it out. Then that led to another issue then it led to doing a check up. All in all, it took 4 hours from start to finish. I have to say, it is the best service that I purchase each year.  Now about my blog issue. It seems that if I open in Google, it is not as usual. If I open in Firefox, it is as usual. Go figure cause I am giving up. Then about my photo issue. I have used up my free storage allotment so now it is time to upgrade for a cost. I know the cost is nominal, but geez. I plan to go and set up a separate account for the fee to be deducted from today. I am more comfortable with it that way. So for now, no pictures to post. Wait til you see the new tote bag I started. Love it! The day was very hot yesterday and it is expected to be 113 today... I will be indoors with the cool of the air on. That means, stitching time. Thanks for putting up with me today... I do hope you have a great day.


milly said...

Hello Gracie

So sorry to hear about your computer troubles but glad you could get it mended.
I hope you enjoy some stitching today and I look forward to seeing your tote bag.

thegreytail said...

getting troubles adding comments here, again.. but it's nothing compared to your tech issue! gosh!
and don't worry about the pics delay, we know it's not your fault.. just work on those stitches, so when you'll be back a slideshow will be in order! ;)
in the meantime, take care,
and happy xxx!

Denise said...

I hit my limit too. I just remove old pictures and keep on going. Going to have to figure something else out as I'm not feeling like paying to post pictures.

Annette-California said...

Hi Grace, we are still with you:) Geez 113 degrees? We had last Saturday 107 degrees and we melted. Thank Goodness for who invented the air conditioner. Looking forward to seeing your new tote bag you started.
Stay cool, love Annette