Thursday, June 21, 2012

If I could~~~~~

If I could~~~~ I would make changes here and there. If I could~~~~ I would start this day over. Ms Zoe has been driving Mr H and I nuts since 3 am... I know, it really is not her fault, but it is not ours either. She is not having a good start to her day, hence neither are we. I have to go in early today so of course right now I would rather be putting my head to my pillow. Anyway, I did want to update you on my project...

This is where I am so far..... the lovely pink of the linen does not really show here... maybe the next update. It is a pleasant stitch and I hope to get more accomplished tomorrow.
I also would really like to get more stitched on Iris.... I have been lax with that one.

A note about my Southwestern Hash Browns from yesterday. Now I freely admit that I do not cook. Oh I could if I had to, but Mr H does the cooking so I just enjoy. Anyway, these are packaged hash and they are a blend of peppers and jalapeno is dominate. Lots of spices and other good stuff. Simply toss it in a fry pan and saute. Voila, hot spicy potatoes. Not something I could eat every day, but I do enjoy them. My doctor thinks I should have them less often! Long chat with her yesterday.... I promised her I would try all that she recommends. Tough getting old mature.
I have been organizing a cousin's get to together for August back in Rhode Island. I know, it is a way off, but not really when you think about people back there making their vacation plans. Anyway, I thought it may be difficult doing this 3000 miles away but surprisingly, it is coming together. We are a small family and I just know this is going to be wonderful. Normally going back there is hard. I get pulled in so many directions that by the time I return home to Arizona, I need a vacation! This time I know it will be different. More on the happenings later. For now I want to say hello to my new friends and thank you for taking the time to visit with me. I appreciate the kind thoughts and emails. So with that I wish you all a lovely day.


Vickie said...

I would like to know what linen you are using there Gracie. :)

Julie said...

Hope ms Zoe is feeling better.
Nice start on your latest wip.
And i just love that bag you made,and made so quickly.I love bags. :)

milly said...

I hope you and Mr H have a better night tonight and that Zoe sleeps better too.

Your stitching is looking very pretty already.

thegreytail said...

thank you Gracie! I'd been waiting for this pic!

sorry to hear Zoe had a morning tantrum.. hopefully it'll be only this time, and you'll get a better day tomorrow..
good luck with the arrangements for the family reunion.. and in the meantime, take care..
have a nice day

Dani - tkdchick said...

I think we always wish we had a little more time to sleep and a little more time to stitch!

Annette-California said...

Hope you both get rest and Ms. Zoe to:) Like you new project, anything that says "Needle and thr", I know is the start of a winning design!
Sounds like your enjoying planning the family get together.