Friday, May 4, 2012

Nice day gone off....

Mr H and I enjoyed a nice ride to Cave Creek yesterday....
Desert and mountain views along the way. Mine you, it is only a 30 minute drive, but oh so nice. We have not been there in a while due to his being ill so it was really nice to be there. Always nice to see some changes too. We discovered a museum....
It has been there for years, but we never knew it. What a lovely place.... full of artifacts and wonderful old pictures of years gone by. It is sett in a back street and as you can see, just picture perfect.
We stopped for lunch and that is when the day went off. It is a well know Pizza place and not sure what did it. We both had a piece of pizza but I added a salad. Mr H did not... and that is the only difference. I have had a bad stomach since and not looking forward to going to work today. But all in all, it was a lovely day spent together discovering something new.  I am so glad you stopped by and I do hope your day is a good one. I leave you with this picture...
and this is all I have to say!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What a lovely day~~~~~

I love when I can sit out on the porch and have my coffee, read the paper and/or stitch. That was this morning. I had some company....
This adorable baby bunny spent 2 hours not far from where I sat. He/she is about 6 inches long and just too cute for words.
On the other side of nature....this fellow crawled all over the wall. Not very pretty, and about 8 inches from tail tip to nose. They are starting to show up everywhere.
A word from Madame Muriel~~~~~
What a nice day yesterday. Gracie and I spent a few hours visiting with Sandra Kaye. Gracie stitched on her SAL and Sandie was quilting
Sandie is working on quilt block the little baskets. We really enjoyed visiting with her.Then later Mr H wanted to go to the library, so I of course tagged along.

What a nice place. I checked out the computer....and then helped Mr H check out his movies.                     Gracie took me to see the beautiful Rec Center's walking pool....the temp was about 90 and lots of people were exercising.
I heard Mr H say maybe they would be off to Cave Creek today. Wonder where this creek is? Well, I guess that is it for now. Ms Zoe is having breakfast...very noisy I will say. So glad you are following my adventures and leaving kind words for Gracie. She really enjoys reading them and the emails. Nice to see new followers too. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day......

A new month and what a lovely start. I saw the cutest tiny bunny this morning.... his ears were bigger than he was. Then the landscapers arrived and off into hiding they all went.
I can't believe that I have completed 500 stitches on Iris...
Just a reminder about this HAED. I am stitching on 28 ct one over one using the 90 DMC colors and finish size should be about 5 x 7. It is all full cross stitches

I am really enjoying the tiny stitches.... good thing I have new spectacles!
I also want to show you the SAL I have started. I am pleased with the colors I have chosen.
They are soft and I think the finish will be very nice. There will be 2 more colors added when I start part 2. I hope to have this part completed today sometime. 
The plans for the day may include a ride to Cave Creek.... not sure. All depends on Mr H and how he is feeling. I have adjusted to the fact that we do not just get up and go off any more. And it is okay. It is all part of accepting and being there for each other. Tomorrow my plans are to go to Scottsdale to Visit with Sandra Kaye. You can find her blog here. We do try to meet up when we can. Dear Ziz stopped by after I called with a "help, come to get tomatoes" call last night. I did make the salsa and it is delish. Tonight I will use tomatoes for a salad. I love fresh tomatoes. I tend to walk by the plants and pick, wipe, and eat.
I manage to visit many blogs each day/night. When possible I comment and/or send an email. I also try to respond to all who leave a comment on my post. I do not email addys for everyone, so if you do not include them in your profile, please know that I tried........
interruption...... F35 just flew over heading into Luke Air Force Base. It was escorted by 2 F16's....the sound of freedom.... a sight of beauty.
OK....oops, the phone. This will be a  l o n g session as they always are. So I will close for today. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day.
--------update----no Cave Creek today.... but I will stitch instead.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Iris, SAL and the Madame

The end of April already! It just seems as though these months are are blur. Speaking of "the last", I downloaded my last issue of GOS yesterday. How sad to loose this wonderful magazine. I wish Kristen the best in her future plans.
For the first time I am involved in a SAL... I joined Manka's SAL along with 170 others. You can click on the button on my sidebar to visit the website. I also could not resist and started it this morning. I chose my own colors based on her example. I will post a picture soon. In the meantime, here is Iris....
This is a slow stitch.... but I am enjoying it. I have used 10 of the 90 colors so far. I think this is about 40 stitches.... I work on it a little each day.    Talking about flowers.... look at this sweet Hibiscus that opened today
The colors...... only nature can do this. Don't want to bore you with the blooms in the garden, but it is so nice to wake each day, year round to one flower or another in bloom.
A word from Madame Muriel.......
Yesterday we went out to get a few plants. Mr H does not like to see an empty pot in the garden.
I could not resist sitting among the Cosmos blooms while he readied the pot. The soft pink and bright yellow centers are so delicate and comfy too. There is a small pot of red Geraniums, and bright pink Dianthisis and pink Vinca. I noticed that when when shop for plants.... Gracie just pushes the shopping cart. Mr H finds all the lovely flowers. Well, she did help select the plant for the kitchen.
Just look at all the tomatoes we have to pick today. I guess I will be calling Dear Ziz... I do hope she wants some. Gracie is going to make some salsa later for the Blue Corn Chips.
The temps yesterday were in the mid 90's and expected so for today so it will be indoors until early tomorrow. Then we get to sit out on the glider early morning. All the bunnies come out then and as long as we remain quiet they ignore us. That is all for today. Thank you for checking in on my adventures and following Gracie's progress on her stitching. Have a great day.