Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Birthday afar~~~and a bead

Today is my brother's birthday......we are 11 years apart but there have been times when he is my big brother.....
This was taken when he last visited....this past April......he usually comes out every year and I do look forward to his visit. This was taken at our favorite watering hole...Margarettaville.

Yesterday was another pre-op test for Mr H and we return to the same place today for another more test next Monday then I think we will be ready for surgery. I have been taking my exchange piece to work on while waiting the 3 hours each test takes...but I did stitch a bit more on the Butterflies----
I added the flower....what? you thought there would be more-----I was so tired yesterday that I am happy that I got that one in!

Just look at the tiny bee body is oval in shape so when you sew it on, it looks like a body. It is called a peanut bead because of the shape. Oh and the lamb...he stays with my knitting. Her name is Maggie after the girl who gifted him to me some years ago.
I am already tired for the day....went to the grocery store for a few things ... took Zoe for her pedicure ... getting ready to drop the CT Cd to the surgeon and then on for the next test for Mr H...then later today out to dinner with a former co-worker.....I think work tomorrow will be my rest day!
Glad you came by today..... hope you have a relaxing day full of stitches.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Postman only had to ring once!

When the back bell rings I think mail~~~~and yes indeed
Sometime back  I had wished for a thimble to add to my Arizona Bound adventure from RI to AZ. It was one that I could not get on our way out here from Illinois. Mary Jane aka Calamity Jr sent me the above. Of course it was wrapped in lavender tissue....the thimble is perfect and the thread.....WDW Peoria Purple....she wrote, "the floss is meant to be a token of friendship from Peoria IL"~~~~ because I live very near Peoria AZ. So special...thank you my friend.
The Post card exchange has been fun...
These are the ones I have received.
I managed some stitching  yesterday...

Now we have 2 fluttering butterflies.....and a bee buzzing!

Just look at it~~~~I know his wings are hard to see because they ar white.....there will be a few more on this piece.
Posting today and yesterday has been a PITA~~~~trouble uploading pictures. Is it me?????
WEll, I had a busy morning and the afternoon will be alos. Mr H and I are going to the Cardiologist for testing. The surgeon want this and one more test before surgery. That may be in 2 weeks.
Thanks for stopping by and hope your day is relaxing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Scattered today....

Lots to do today or so it seems. We have an appointment with the surgeon for Mr H ~~ I have to must make a vet appointment for Zoe ~~I had no energy to go to my stitch group today~~but I did stitch yesterday ...
I would have stitched more but I read for awhile and then we watched a movie.

Before I left work on Saturday I did some fabric shopping.....
I have specific plans for the first 3 from the left, and just really like the others. I will admit to thinking about particular uses for them, but still in the thought process. I plan to make one of my co-workers a pumpkin pincushion from the blue/white daisy print, the leaves and sunflower are for exchange pieces.

It was briefly cool enough for me to enjoy my coffee and morning paper on the porch ~~ briefly! So back in I am and will stitch more on the butterfly. I am so pleased that you took some time to visit with me ~~ hope you have a nice day.