Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Postman only had to ring once!

When the back bell rings I think mail~~~~and yes indeed
Sometime back  I had wished for a thimble to add to my Arizona Bound adventure from RI to AZ. It was one that I could not get on our way out here from Illinois. Mary Jane aka Calamity Jr sent me the above. Of course it was wrapped in lavender tissue....the thimble is perfect and the thread.....WDW Peoria Purple....she wrote, "the floss is meant to be a token of friendship from Peoria IL"~~~~ because I live very near Peoria AZ. So special...thank you my friend.
The Post card exchange has been fun...
These are the ones I have received.
I managed some stitching  yesterday...

Now we have 2 fluttering butterflies.....and a bee buzzing!

Just look at it~~~~I know his wings are hard to see because they ar white.....there will be a few more on this piece.
Posting today and yesterday has been a PITA~~~~trouble uploading pictures. Is it me?????
WEll, I had a busy morning and the afternoon will be alos. Mr H and I are going to the Cardiologist for testing. The surgeon want this and one more test before surgery. That may be in 2 weeks.
Thanks for stopping by and hope your day is relaxing.


Tricia said...

What a sweet treat from a friend! And I love your little buzzing bee!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Your special purple goodies were so nice! The bee is very cute! Is his body made from yellow beads?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely treat! I recognise one of those cards, I have received four now, it's been great fun watching for the postman each day.

Denise said...

I knew before you! lol

Glad your thimble made it! MJ will be thrilled.

Your butterflies are quiet pretty and that bee - too cute

Parsley said...

How sweet.