Friday, May 13, 2016

Nothing is being accomplished!

Seems like my get up got up and took a vacation. Yesterday I did almost nothing, and for me that is big news.
My stitching chair...could be I am stretching myself with all these "working" projects. If I just put my mind to it, the shawl could be finished today....if I just put aside the crochet trim for now (do not need it at the moment for any project) and then begin to stitch on June from the SAL....Just maybe it is the changing might be 104 yesterday was 101....making me lazy. Lots of iced water for me. If I would stop paying attention to the nature round me. As I type, the Raven is out in the yard screeching...
he sure makes lots of noise. And yes, Mrs Dove is rebuilding her nest. They were both here this morning for a short time. Even the fish are acting up with water dancing...they are splashing about probably laying eggs again. But not to worry, there will be no more fish growing in the small pond. Just too many distractions and my mind is wandering elsewhere. On Wednesday, the surgeon scheduled Mr H for spine surgery for June 3rd. Going to insert an titanium piece in his spine. Hopefully he will get relief from this and be able to walk comfortably. It is suppose to be a simple procedure with just an overnight stay...I still worry.
Oh and another distraction...I strung these into a bracelet. The top side is with the silver beads (left side of picture) and the bottom is on the right....not happy with it. I picked up the beads when I bought the others for the class. I think I will take it apart and rethink it..but not today. I really should get back to my chair and put myself in time out so I will get something accomplished today.....thank you for visiting with me today and for your friendship and kind words....have a good day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A little crocheting

I had seen this on Facebook and thought to give it a try...
It is from the site posted by Patricia Mae Anthony in English as the original is not. The sample on the left is using Aunt Lydia Classic 10 and hook size 6 and the right is DMC Cebelia 30 and hook size 12. These Boye hooks I have had since childhood when I learned to crochet around hankies and the cost (stamped on the back of the hook) was 10 cents! There are so many possibilities for using this trim. By the way, the Doves are finally gone....although we have seen a couple of younger ones in/out of the yard. A friend of mine is going to assist me with my Punch needle attempts next week....yeah! I am determined to learn this. I mean really, it is not like I have nothing else to do. Today I will start the June piece from the Snowflower Diaries SAL....a bear with bees. I know I said that the shawl was going to be finished...just a bit more to go. Mr H still thinks I am making a blanket! I had planned to do some sewing to complete a couple of projects last evening, but when I put out the recycling, a box slipped from my grasp and you guessed it, a nifty cut on my left thumb. Lots of anti-biotic cream and Band-Aids and it is much better today. Just a minute there seems to be lots of chatting in the yard. I can not believe my eyes...there is another Cove moving into the same planter as the last nest! Mr H is not going to like this on bit. I must go and check out what is going on...glad you stopped by. Thank you for your friendship and kind words...have a good day.

Monday, May 9, 2016


This has been a busy few days...but I can not honestly pin point what. I can tell you that the Dove Family has moved out...I think.
On Friday, Mr H said "they left the nest" but we then found them back in the nest that evening?! Then this kid spent the day on Saturday sitting on the gazebo shelf the other was not to be seen.... until later when Mr Dove showed up to feed them. We felt bad because later on Saturday we had strong winds and heavy rains.  Speaking of the rain....every time we have a thunder and lightening storm, Mr H finds it necessary to go outside to check it out. Now I love the lightening storms as they are spectacular here in Arizona, but I like them from inside the house! (I posted a short video clip on my FB page.) So today I do not find any sign of the Doves..... yet that is. The sun is shining brightly today and I am hoping for no more rain at least not for a while. Oh I know we need it but every plant is about to float away.  I decided to try to do a Punchneedle project...but for the life of me I can not get it. Before you tell me to check out videos, I did; several of them. They were excellent but my needle and me are just not connecting. I sent out a help email to someone I know and she said she will meet with for now I will leave it in the box and relax about it. I think today my shawl, or as Mr H calls it my blanket should be finished. Tomorrow is the next release for the Snowflower Diaries Monthly project...a sneak peek shows bees...looking forward to it. I have only had one cup of I think another is about due. Thank you for stopping by and for your friendship and kind words..... have a wonderful day.