Friday, September 5, 2014

Blooms, vines and thistle

Just heard we may be in for another Monsoon storm...blowing dust along with it. Seems like we just finished cleaning away all of the dust from the last one! The temps continue to remain hot...I need a cool down...I would even be happy with a 90 degree day.
Just put the final stitches in on Elizabeth's skirt...
sorry it is not pressed...too lazy to get out the iron. I am so pleased with the colors and overall piece......
now to start on her purse. Today I will pick up the dowel and wood base for her. Making my Jo Ann's shopping list! I hope to work on finishing this coming week. I think I will look for a doll dome to cover her with. I would like her to remain clean and not touched to often. So far it has cost (kit) me $203.00, but worth it.If I it together myself I do not think I would have saved that much.
On Wednesday I call our pain doctor....I could barely walk just before coming home from work on Tuesday. My left hip (from recent fall) was killing me. Of course he did make time to see me and injected my hip bone and groin area. So of course Thursday was headache day which seems to happen after these injections, black and blue mars and aches. Today, so far, I am feeling pretty good. The last of my injections was December of 2012 for the right hip (arthritis) and it has lasted with minor discomfort which I will always have. Today and tomorrow for work then a couple of days off will also help. Sunday is our Tat and Chat Meet-up.... several ladies plan to join The Debra and me. I think I may have to start a few Christmas trees for gifts. I guess that is about it....really nice to visit with you ...thank you for the kind words and friendship. Enjoy your day!
If you believe in faeries clap your hands.
J M Barre

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Eggs, Cinderella and Elizabeth

I have found a new way, at least to me, to fix my eggs....
First you get a microwave safe dish, scramble the eggs and add what you would this case onions, cheese and spinach and then microwave for 15 seconds, stir and micro for another 10 seconds. You really have to experiment for just how much you want them cooked. Quick and easy. I have these nice dishes from buying Creme Brulee and hate to toss them out. They are good for under small plants, for holding  my hair trinkets and so many other things. I may have to start to toss them as the collection is getting beyond my needs!
I just recieved an order for Cinderella from The Primitive Hare....
Just had to have this. I have Cinderella's coach and glass slipper and think this will be a nice addition to it. Not sure how I will finish it....getting ahead of myself, I have not even started it! This will be next on the list no matter what I have ready to go. As for Elizabeth..
her skirt has 3 rows within the border...I now have 2 finished. Yes, you are not dizzy, it is a bit wonky because I have removed part of the Q-snaps.
love the colors and design. As I have mentioned before, I usually only work on her early in the mornings. There is nor rush to finish. I am simply enjoying the project. I find is soothing to my mind. Recently my mind has been very cluttered. Thank you for you kind words which have been most welcomed. Our community is only 27 homes and we care about one another. Soon our 3 snowbirds will return and then it is officially Autumn, even id f the temps are still in the triple digits. Today may reach 109...I will be at work. My Round Robin piece is almost finished and I have a few items to send along with it to June who is my current partner and the moderator for this RR. We do have the entire month to stitch but it is good to get it finished and mailed to account for travel time. As much as I am enjoying this I need to think about joining exchanges for a group in the future. For now, I must say thank you for stopping by today...thank you for the friendship you share with me and have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Let the new week begin

The past weekend was not a very good one. Here in our retirement community we lost 2 homeowners. One was sudden and the other was predicted to me just a day before. As HOA Chairperson is has been my task to inform the other homeowners. So for 2 days in a row I delivered the "sad news notes". I am not sure if my neighbors want to be seeing me any time soon! I am hoping that all remains stable here for awhile.
I enjoyed having an unexpected Saturday off and managed to sit and stitch as well as on Sunday. Elizabeth will have some pictures to share soon and my RR piece is almost complete. I am making a few changes to the RR to suit the purpose of the intended use of the design but it still looks lovely. Can't go wrong with Just Nan designs.
I think we are seeing the last of our Iceburg Roses....
as you can see it sits pretty darn close to the famous butt stinging cactus in our yard. The temps are still very hot...the other day it was 111 and yesterday 109. Autumn has not yet arrived here in The Valley of the Sun Arizona, that is a fact.I am so looking forward to sitting outside again. The poor yard needs some attention with the heat as it has been. Yard tasks will have to wait until some cooler temps arrive. Well my friends.... I need some breakfast and coffee and then back to stitching on Elizabeth. Hope you all enjoy the day ahead. Thank you for spending time with me.