Monday, September 1, 2014

Let the new week begin

The past weekend was not a very good one. Here in our retirement community we lost 2 homeowners. One was sudden and the other was predicted to me just a day before. As HOA Chairperson is has been my task to inform the other homeowners. So for 2 days in a row I delivered the "sad news notes". I am not sure if my neighbors want to be seeing me any time soon! I am hoping that all remains stable here for awhile.
I enjoyed having an unexpected Saturday off and managed to sit and stitch as well as on Sunday. Elizabeth will have some pictures to share soon and my RR piece is almost complete. I am making a few changes to the RR to suit the purpose of the intended use of the design but it still looks lovely. Can't go wrong with Just Nan designs.
I think we are seeing the last of our Iceburg Roses....
as you can see it sits pretty darn close to the famous butt stinging cactus in our yard. The temps are still very hot...the other day it was 111 and yesterday 109. Autumn has not yet arrived here in The Valley of the Sun Arizona, that is a fact.I am so looking forward to sitting outside again. The poor yard needs some attention with the heat as it has been. Yard tasks will have to wait until some cooler temps arrive. Well my friends.... I need some breakfast and coffee and then back to stitching on Elizabeth. Hope you all enjoy the day ahead. Thank you for spending time with me.


Annie said...

Hello Gracie

So sorry to hear of the loss of two homeowners, that must be very sad.

Autumn and with it cooler temps have arrived here in NE England. I did hear that we may have a very hot September though.
Looking forward to seeing your progress on your stitching.
Have a good week,.

cucki said...

Oh dear it's really very sad...
Here it's first day of spring and a very lovely day..
Hugs xx

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Sad news Gracie but I do admire the way your community works - we have nothing like that over here.

Julie said...

{{big hugs}} to you Gracie, its never nice to pass on such sad news.