Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Moon...full TUSAL

I think it is time to pull out the thread....
Well....maybe push it down a bit. I almost forgot to post it! With Mr H feeling ill, me, still trying to ease out the aches and pains form last weeks fall, work today and HOA meeting wonder I am tired and almost...just almost forgot to post this...but I did, I think I need to stretch out and catch some Sherlock Holmes on TV....tomorrow is another day.

An early start to the day

Actually, my morning started at 4 am today...
One of the ladies at our Wednesday night group is just getting over the virus that has Mr H down. He was back to bed yesterday and not well last night. I feel helpless...wishing there was something I can do and knowing that it has to run the course. This is the first time I have ever seen my dear hubby ill...and in that lies the problem. Oh there have been colds, and a few surgeries, but to have him in bed for days...that is just not him.
I will at work today...making it easy as I have a few items to pick up...and there is yet another sale and coupons to use.....
Speaking of spending money...I stopped at one of the bead stores...still trying to find Fred's luck. What I did find was a couple of distant cousins....
They are from the colorful side of the family! I could only get 2..all they had. They are up for grabs......
I did some stitching yesterday and to my surprise, the stitching on Day 4 project is finished! Now to just sew it to complete the me over at my other place to see how lovely it is. I know for some this switching to another blog is a pain, but I really wanted to keep my challenge stitching all together. I hope by adding the link makes it easy to visit there. To those of you who do, thank you....your kind words are wonderful. Have a nice day.....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A beautiful day....

The sun is bright and warm...the Finches are at the feed sack and the laundry is done. A busy morning. Guess what, I took a stitch break yesterday...that's right..I did not stitch! I felt guilty just for a little while...but I reminded myself that I have finished 7 out of 15 projects and it is only the beginning of March. I looked for a few patterns for a couple special projects....I poked a card to stitch at tonight's card stitch group...had a long chat with my sis on the phone. Our telephone chats are always long....and fun...lots of laughs and support for one another. Linda usually comes to visit in May...last year she came for a month  in June because I had double foot surgery...what  a blast. As she is very fond of saying, I am the older sis....she is 2 1/2 years younger.
The Mourning Doves have been constructing their nest....

They are right outside the kitchen to the garage service door. A pain because they are so close, but nice to watch them. And of course the hummer has been back a forth to the feeder today....

Plans for the day? Well, I think I will stitch today...outside. Hopefully Mr H will be feeling better. He actually was up all day yesterday and cooked dinner...what a relief. I though I may starve if things continued on much longer. I think one of the reasons he is feeling better...Airborne...that's right. The pharmacist recommended it and he started Monday...taking it several times that day and then again yesterday.
Time for tea and stitching..have a wonderful day......

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Tuesday....

For Today
Outside my window
The morning light is beginning...sun showing itself
I am thinking
I am going to be a Grandma for the very first time
I am thankful for
The good friends I have near and far
From the kitchen
A cup of tea and a piece of blueberry tea bread
I am wearing
One of Mr H's tee shirts and my pj don't want to see!
I am creating
A few things: next challenge piece and 2 exchange pieces
Around the house
It is so peacefully quiet
I am hearing
The cooing of the Mourning Doves in the yard
Plans for the day
Get a haircut and of course stitch!
From my camera's eye

Lovely pot of Pansie's in the garden

I am wishing
A wonderful day to all.
Mr H has the virus that is going said to rest and plenty of you know that means I have to cook for myself! Now I do know how--- but,...anyway, last night I made a wonderful fried rice, baked a blueberry tea bread and it also means that I have to feed Zoe. She is such a finicky eater! I managed to finish stitching Sewing Girl...grab your cup of whatever and meet me over my other place.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Start of a new week.....

I am hoping that this will be a better week all around. The weather has been nice...I appreciate this time of year, because soon it will be hot hot hot....did not get anymore yard work done as it has rained and I do not like cleaning when all is wet...and I always get a spider bite when I am cleaning...I know wear gloves...I have them, they are usually hanging on the work table.
I really had a quiet day yesterday...Mr H still not feeling I stitched in between laundry and walking around with the Bissell vac and then having to make my own lunch and then later pizza. I always make the pizza, but I am getting a little tired of making my own lunch and a few time dinner.I did ask Mr H the other day if he was able to get up and make me dinner..he said he didn't think I stopped at Lucky 7 for Chinese food....I admit it...I am is not that I can't cook, but since he retired he has been doing the cooking and he is very good at it. I will really explain to the doctor today that I need him well so I won't starve.
Anyway, because I was home and all was quiet, I managed to get Sewing Girl looking mighty me over at my other place and I will show you.....
It was so nice to have you visit with me.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thank you California

We had winds and rain from Cali last night...right now we are back to sunshine.....but that could change. Sorry for my Rhode Island family and Massachucetts friends...they got more snow!
Thank you for all the lovely grandma wishes...I asked my DIL if that could be what the baby calls me and she is fine with that....I did not want to slight her mom. But as she has not said anything, I think it will be okay. This baby will be the youngest of my family...last baby is now almost 18! To say that everyone is happy is an understatement.
Anyway, I am sure not going to bore you all with my baby baby baby stuff.....
The Doves are still constructing a nest....the House Finch was checking out the other wall planter.. a very busy to see if the Quail show up.
I did lots of stitching yesterday. I did the laundry, grocery shopping and post office...but I did stitch. Meet me over at my other place and check Sewing Girl out..