Saturday, October 9, 2010


~~~~I have been saving these beautiful tidbits forever...eventually some of them end up in our Hummingbird's nest and the finches' nests.....I love to share! This old Mason jar has had many uses over the last 40's last use was in was filled with wild mushrooms that my dad had picked in the woods and the last jar that I got from dad. Dad died in December of 1985 and I have not had the taste of wild mushrooms since. Every time I add a snip to this jar, I think of those tasty button mushrooms.

The quiet of the morn...

shhh~~~it is so quiet. I love the early morning, I have the house to myself...Dennis and Zoe are still asleep and the sun is still sleeping too. Today would have been John Lennon's birthday...I miss what he would have sung for me. just passes so quickly. Today is a work day for me ..just 4 hours out in the world. I really want to sit home and stitch, but it will have to be this afternoon. Still not feeling that great today...yesterday was a "not well day". Time to head over to Annette' for the 31 days of Halloween post! What a fun project...odd days to Annette and even ones to Missy....clever gals! Thank you for spending some time with me this day...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good morning

Well, it was a beautiful rainbow last night with very little rain. Today is starting off partly cloudy so maybe a bit more rain today. If we are lucky, our temps will finally start to fall below 100...I sure miss sitting outside on the lanai. Tomorrow night I meet with my friends for card stitching.I wonder if anyone else finished the luminaries. Well, I have work today and laundry to finish...and cheerios to eat.....have a good day

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A beautiful morning

Last evening was another example of Arizona's magnificent sunsets. I could just pull up a chair and wait for darkness! No specific plans for today....of course there is football, but the NE Patriots are playing a Monday night game. I do want to finish the book I am reading and I really must get back to my cross stitch.  My "next" project list just keeps growing. It seems everyday I see/find something I want to stitch. My stash cries out ... more! more!.. I did finish the came out quite nice. I plan to do a few more...different stitching and colors. I will definitely need to use a votive holder inside to really get the effect as I did here. Maybe I will try one of the battery tea lights.
Well....time to pick up my needle.......have a great day...and thanks for stopping by...