Saturday, October 9, 2010


~~~~I have been saving these beautiful tidbits forever...eventually some of them end up in our Hummingbird's nest and the finches' nests.....I love to share! This old Mason jar has had many uses over the last 40's last use was in was filled with wild mushrooms that my dad had picked in the woods and the last jar that I got from dad. Dad died in December of 1985 and I have not had the taste of wild mushrooms since. Every time I add a snip to this jar, I think of those tasty button mushrooms.


lcp0528 said...

I've been visiting you in Arizona when we would be on the lanai and the birds would steal scraps from yur projects. Such good memories of me and Dad in the woods mushrooming ! I miss the tatste of the "real thing". After talking to you today it inspired me to start doing some card stitching. I miss working on projects. Next visit I will start some I've been wanting to, but aren't sure on how to, so I'll wait untill then. Well time to eat and then start a card !!
The site is looking real good Sis.

Andrea said...

What a sweet jar with dear memories attached to it!
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Another stitching pug lover, yippee! You made me laugh about yours being chunky! LOL! I call Muttley my "chunky monkey" at least five times a day! Now, I just need to see some pics of your baby ;)

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Gracie! It's nice to meet you! Welcome to Blogland. I love your jar filled with memories and goodies for our feathered friends.
What part of Arizona are in???
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