Saturday, June 25, 2011

Short walk today and Prickly Pear fruit

Too hot for a walk already. I should have started earlier. But look what is getting ready.....
The Prickly Pears are so plentiful. It will be awhile before they can be picked and eaten. I mush prefer the jelly made from them. And before you ask, no I do not make the jelly....I buy it.
I Started the other side to my pictures to post.
I had a short work day yesterday. Would love a short one today too.....Have a great day.....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cactus in bloom

I love when I find a new bloom .... I have a few plants in the house .... and my cactus has a new bloom coming on.
It is just one of those small plants bought from Lowe's and it sits on the bottom of my plant stand. When we got it, the one flower was already there. Now I see this!
Well, I enjoyed the day off yesterday but now back to work today and tomorrow. I did get stitching done on my biscornu. Meet me at my other place. I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another hot day

Actually another hot day will be what everyday is from now until Fall. It is 84 right now. I had a busy day yesterday so when JAS called to see if I wanted to have today off.....I accepted. I can get in a few errands and then staying in to stitch with the air on. I miss sitting on the porch with my morning coffee. I am going back out shortly to pick some tomatoes and then I will walk----slowly over to Ziz's house to leave some in her mail box. The walk is only to the next courtyard... They are quite delicious for a little tomato and cute with the yellow pear shape.
Are you interested in some lovely beaded jewelry? Then visit my friend Roz and see what she makes and sells st her Etsy shop. She really has a talent.
I spent a few days trying to figure out why my play list at the bottom of my page does not start automatically anymore. Finally received a response from Blogger. It seems that some people complained about visiting blogs and having music play! So, if you are interested in hearing my music, you will need to scroll to the bottom and click it to play!
I finally finished one side of the biscornu. So, meet me over at my other place and check it out. Thank you for spending some time with me today. I really enjoy the comments and emails. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot and noisy

Well the is starting hot because last night at 9 pm it was still 95. If it is Tuesday, then the noise is from the landscapers. Now it is double because they are also taking care of the units across the culdesac. I do not envy their job when it is this hot so early.
The Geek Squad appeared at our door 1 hour early and did not call first. Good thing two came because one of them was not really sure of the connections and finally the other one told him how to do it. So after 2 hours, the router and wireless connections were made and now Mr H gets Netflix on TV. Speaking of Mr H, after the guys left he ran an errand and came back with this....
A lovely pink African Violet. When I was living back in RI, I had very good luck with them in my kitchen window. Finally here I have a spot in the window thanks to the plant stand I bought a few posts back.
I stitched on my exchange and challenge pieces. If you would like to see the biscornu, let's go to my other place. I am so pleased that you stopped by. I really appreciate the comments and emails. Have a great day...I will be off to work. Store inventory is tomorrow and I lucked out...not on the schedule.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sometime you just have to put your foot down----hard

Well, hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. Our day went well until the Geek Squad did not show up. So-----I called and was told that I had cancelled the appointment. Now, why would I be calling to find out why he did not show if I cancelled it?! Off to Best Buy we drove.....all of 4 miles.....I asked for a manager as soon as I walked through the door. Explained their problem to him....he got his manager and I again explained their problem. What? After waiting a week for someone to come to my home I have to wait again.....NO NO NO. I told them it was their mistake (and yes they did own up to the mistake) that I had already paid for and someone would be at my home on Monday. What? May not be possible.....NO NO NO it will happen. After several calls made by the manager to who knows who, and I heard him say I was adamant about the Monday appointment...yes, someone will be here today. I just had to get that off my chest.
My stitching? Well I can not of course show you my Summer Exchange piece but I like it so far but if you would like to follow me to my other place I can show you another corner finished.
Thank you for listening to my rant....hope you have a wonderful day.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Now you are probably thinking I am going to post a picture of my dad. Wrong.....but I am posting a picture of 2 special men in my life.
This is my husband Mr H aka Dennis and my son Eric. It was taken a few years back when Eric and wife Andrea visited with us. This year, Eric is an expecting dad. These two may not have always seen eye to eye during the growing years but do in actual height. Eric may even be a bit taller! But through the years they have become friends and I eagerly wait to add the third special guy in life....Devin.
It has been in the triple digits here in Arizona and is expected to remain not much time to sit outside. I may have to sit out in the wee hours of the morn! I plan to sit and stitch today so there will be an update tomorrow on that. I also want work on my Summer Exchange piece. We are waiting for The Geek Squad again---this time to hook up some electronic stuff for Mr H.
I am so please to have you visit and enjoy your comments and emails.....have a great day.