Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another hot day

Actually another hot day will be what everyday is from now until Fall. It is 84 right now. I had a busy day yesterday so when JAS called to see if I wanted to have today off.....I accepted. I can get in a few errands and then staying in to stitch with the air on. I miss sitting on the porch with my morning coffee. I am going back out shortly to pick some tomatoes and then I will walk----slowly over to Ziz's house to leave some in her mail box. The walk is only to the next courtyard... They are quite delicious for a little tomato and cute with the yellow pear shape.
Are you interested in some lovely beaded jewelry? Then visit my friend Roz and see what she makes and sells st her Etsy shop. She really has a talent.
I spent a few days trying to figure out why my play list at the bottom of my page does not start automatically anymore. Finally received a response from Blogger. It seems that some people complained about visiting blogs and having music play! So, if you are interested in hearing my music, you will need to scroll to the bottom and click it to play!
I finally finished one side of the biscornu. So, meet me over at my other place and check it out. Thank you for spending some time with me today. I really enjoy the comments and emails. Have a nice day.


Parsley said...'s hot. 100 here. ugh.

Never made a biscornu and not sure if I'd know how. Can't wait to see your finish.

Margaret said...

Popped over and loved what I saw- Biscornu _ tried to leave a message but couldn't and just a thought we are having very cold days of 13c and down to 4c, the longest night shortest day was on Wednesday so Come On Summer.

Patty C. said...

Stay inside & turn on your air conditioning -

I love biscornu - Going to take a peak :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely little biscornu.

I did not know that Blogger had music! Our computer is outside the small boy's room so we always have the sound turned off! I will have to do some daytime listerning.