Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot and noisy

Well the is starting hot because last night at 9 pm it was still 95. If it is Tuesday, then the noise is from the landscapers. Now it is double because they are also taking care of the units across the culdesac. I do not envy their job when it is this hot so early.
The Geek Squad appeared at our door 1 hour early and did not call first. Good thing two came because one of them was not really sure of the connections and finally the other one told him how to do it. So after 2 hours, the router and wireless connections were made and now Mr H gets Netflix on TV. Speaking of Mr H, after the guys left he ran an errand and came back with this....
A lovely pink African Violet. When I was living back in RI, I had very good luck with them in my kitchen window. Finally here I have a spot in the window thanks to the plant stand I bought a few posts back.
I stitched on my exchange and challenge pieces. If you would like to see the biscornu, let's go to my other place. I am so pleased that you stopped by. I really appreciate the comments and emails. Have a great day...I will be off to work. Store inventory is tomorrow and I lucked out...not on the schedule.


Mouse said...

ooo glad you are sorted out now :) and lovely African violet :) love mouse xxxx

SoCal Debbie said...

Some day I will get a new TV so I can watch Netflix on it too! Good luck with your violets!