Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Postman delivered~~~~~

Yesterday brought 2 new packages! one from Lisa for the BBD Exchange

Just love the tiny buttons Lisa put on this. And the chenille trim just makes you want to touch it. So glad to meet a new friend. Stop by and visit her blog.
These exchanges are so great... not only do we get to share our creative talent, but we meet a new friend.
Speaking of a new friend, I also am lucky to be part of the SSCS that is hosted by Chooky. This year my package is from Anthea who is from Western Australia. I must tell you, that I have been visiting all the SSCS girls and admiring their work. When I stopped by Anthea's blog, I loved her embroidery and thought, Iwould love one of those for my gift! Little did I know she was my Secret Santa and I did get one! It is already on the Ziz Tree!
About the Ziz Tree.... I suppose you want to know, "What is a Ziz Tree". It is the lovely woodland style tree that Dear Ziz gave me! Always wanted on now I have one and it is called The Ziz Tree. Today being the 1st of December, a time that I usually get my cards ready for the mailing, I want to share an address that I send to each year.
A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Hospital
6900 N W Georgia Avenue
NW Washington D.C. 20307-5001....... maybe you would like to send a card to cheer someone away from home this holiday. I hope you will be able to stop back to see me tomorrow. I am Day 2 of Jo's Advent Calendar Blog Hop.  
So nice to see you today....enjoy your Saturday and see you tomorrow.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Lovely gifts and a bit of Christmas

This is the earliest I have ever put up decorations! Mr H helped me take down from storage all the Christmas stuff yesterday and by 4 AM today, the snowman are sitting in their places, the Autumn centerpiece is now Christmas, the Angels are on the shelves and the Kitchen tree is up with it's own gold spider.  Our small village is displayed on the mantle this year. Oh and the postman this week has brought some lovely xchanges....
I had a private exchange with Angela  from Hooked on Stitches and Elsia from Old Ragged Threads, and  June  from Butterfly Wings chose me to receive one of her creations. My Ziz Tree is up in the kitchen and of course it has a spider. I did mail out several spiders and hope they make it to their own trees too. Just look how lovely my gifts are! Thank you ladies for you creations. They will hang on my Ziz Tree this year.
Remember the Sun Dried Bread...don't know what went wrong, but I had to trash it... I will try it again, just not yet. I had planned to make bread this morning but I just got too busy with other things! Work today, so the decorations will have to wait until this weekend..... unless I have nothing better to do tomorrow morning at 3 or 4 AM! My BBD exchange has been received by Linda and I have sent my SSCS and Reindeer food to some sweet children. Moms...please remember to sweep up most of the food before the kids wake on Christmas morning. That's about it today my friends....thanks for sharing some time with me. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is going on?!

Another day of busy activity! Before daylight, I had 2 laundries done,  Sun-Dried Tomato Bread baking, Tapioca Pudding cooking and my Christmas packages ready to go to the Post Office! Geez... I need slow down pills. I finished the sweet biscornu...
I think the translucent yellow beads add sparkle and I used a larger bead for the 8 corners.Glad I decided to have the backside with less stitching. I found a square bead for the front center that fit perfectly and happened to have the right color button in my button jar for the back. These biscornus are addictive to make. I love them and the humbugs.... now which one to do next?
Have you noticed my music is gone? It seems that the company also decide that after you download it to your blog, they decide to cancel blog use. I guess you will have to hum when you visit!
I joined Jo's Advent Calendar Blog special door number is Sunday December 2nd. I hope you will stop by then and check with her for the other participants. Alwasy nice to visit with you. Thank you for the kind words and I do hope your day is for coffee and the newspaper.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too organized....too early

I have been busy this morning. Just finished typing and printing our Christmas Open House notices. I have been organizing this event since I moved here. It is a way for all of us to catch up one what is going on in our small community. I will deliver these tomorrow morning when I will be home. Today is Tuesday, and it means a work day.
Remember I told you about my individual pies?

This was Thanksgiving Banana Cream. They measure just about 5 inches across so they are perfect for one. It is Libbey's Just Baking series. This week I will try their  Pot Pie recipe with a bit of left over turkey. I bought Comstock Peaches to make pies tomorrow and I plan to try a Sun-dried Tomato bread recipe  also. I was too lazy to do any of this last night. Wednesday is a good day as I will be home. Yesterday was our monthly Sun Stitchers Meeting. I worked on my biscornu, but did not get much accomplished. I am stitching it together and then it will just need buttons and stuffing. Do any of you belong to ANG? I thought about going as a visitor to a local January meeting. Well, that is about it for today. I need to let Ms Zoe outside..... not that she is asking, but with her memory of late, it is best that I think for her at times! Thanks for the kind words with my last post.
Before I forget.... I just received a nice note from a Arizona stitcher who reads my blog (not blog of her own... yet) and we are thinking about trying for a meet after the holidays. It will be  a Sunday afternoon/late morning as some of us work. We will pick a central place... anyone else here in Arizona wanting to join us? Let me know and it will help in choosing a central location for all of us. You do not need to have  a blog to join us.... would be nice to meet face to face.  Something to think about. Have a wonderful day my friends.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

So glad last week has ended!

It is finally over-- the Black Friday weekend. Most of the customers were friendly and pleasant, but it only takes the one who complains they have to wait, the one who questions why when we are busy we are taking breaks, the one who keeps calling on her cell phone to her husband in the car that she is still waiting. Just glad that it is over. My apron has been a big hit with the customers as has all the other girl's aprons. One of the managers plans to keep them on display during the week until we wear them for the weekends. Hopes are that customers will want the patterns and fabrics.
Recently I found a cute pincushion idea and we know how I like my pincushions... this was from Get Creative Conference Center... design by Marie Browning Creates.

It was a fun piece to work on. I have 3 other fabric designs I would like to finish.
I mailed out a few exchanges this past week and have several more to go on Monday. My BBD was received by Linda Nelson... you can see it here.    Don't you just love black Bird Designs!
Well, I am almost to the stitch together my latest Biscornu so I think I will wish you a fine day and have a cup of tea while I work on it. It is always a pleasure to have you stop by and thank you for the kind words.
Can you believe that Christmas is one month away!?