Saturday, January 23, 2016

Internet back!

All day yesterday the Cox crew was out and about fixing some outage in my area...the recording told me so. I would be without the computer until at least 4 PM. At 7 PM I called and the tech had to reset it from there...wherever there was. So, here I am back into world of space....Let's update.
On Wednesday mom...EvaP was admitted to hospital and is now home after tests and a blood transfusion. Thank you for the good thoughts sent here way (via FB). Now if she follows doctors orders, things should go better. On my home front...we are well as we can be and have been enjoying sitting outside..... I am sorry for those of you in the storm areas or cold, but this is a good time of year here in Arizona so we take advantage. Today I hope to do some finishing work but I did get to knit....these were easy quick and so adorable! The pattern is free on Ravelry.
  and they fit too!
I think I will make a few more and change the flower colors. I just had an interruption.... the phone rang and it was a call from my cousin Janice in Rhode Island...we are in touch all the time on Facebook but have not talked in a long time. What a wonderful surprise and absolutely wonderful conversation.
Meet Cousin Janice
she is the daughter of my mom's sister younger Anna...a young cousin! How wonderful to hear her voice and reminisce. Time sometimes has a way of leaving us and once we capture it back, we should try not to misplace it again.  We had a good chat. By the way, she is always smiling!Gee, this post has taken forever to complete...time off for the chat with Janice... so I should get a move on. Cox is coming here today "between 1 and 3" to replace my modern/router unit. I never got to laundry and I still need breakfast. For those of you in the winter storm path please stay safe and warm. Thank you for your friendship and your kind words. You sure know how to make my day! Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 and laundry

What a combination...stitching and getting the laundry done. I can not imagine doing laundry by hand....this morning is towels...just how did our ancestors do it. I remember when The Brother Alan was born he wore cloth diapers but at least we had a washing machine. Going to take it slow with the stitching making sure to take those breaks. Remember my new friend Verdin~~~~
yesterday he sat and watched me watch him!  I love how his head is blends right in with the golden marigolds. He seems to be alone here, never more than just him. I never see him go to any other flowers. Nice to know we are providing food for the feathered friends. We do put seed out occasionally but that brings such a mess and chaos. I would much rather allow them natural foods and since we do have many types of blooms at all times in the garden that is the best way for them. Besides it then provides those "volunteer" flowers! . One of my goals is to find and finish this year....that is if I do not get side tracked as usual. I must share this with you

What a lovely bright spot in my kitchen! I know it is only one bloom, but it is beautiful. Outstanding is really what it is. Look at the very vibrant. When I got it, there were several flowers so I am hoping that more will show up.  How about these yellow tulips..
I bought them 2 weeks ago...and they look as fresh today as then. Having flowers in the house as well as outside just makes my day. All colors all shapes and sizes. So the guest room is ready for my visitors next Wednesday, my how fast time has passed! While putting something into the craft closet or was I getting something. Anyway, I found a started Hardanger project and I hope to work on it this week. By the way...don't forget about my Un-Birthday can read about it here I will be putting together my gift for my Un-Birthday friend. I will draw a name on Saturday February 6th. Guess that is about it for today.... no stitchy pictures today but I hope you enjoy the flowers. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Un Birthday Celebration

Okay...someone said everyday is an Un-Birthday...well, for me it is my birthday not yours, so then it is an Un-Birthday for you
What better way than with Alice's Tea Party. Here is how it works... on this post only (so I can keep track) leave me a note why you would like to "attend my party". From this I will choose a name and that person will get a gift from me. Now my party is February 3rd so you must leave your comment no later than the 3rd. Simple as that. This is the last year I can say I am in my 60's...brrrr, chills to think that.  Moving on.....
I have finished February SAL...this is a pop in out frame (that is what I have decided because of the simple back construction) You may be asking what about January? I can explain.... by the time I got everything organized and my hand cooperated, the February chart was almost getting released. So I had completest the outline border and put it aside and now I will work on it .... I just did not want to rush to get February ready for the month to display. And besides, The Brother Alan is coming...have I mentioned that? I may not get mush stitching accomplished.  I have managed to get the guest room/sewing room in order....moved things out, clear some closet hanging space left some space for charging the phone etc.....freshly changed the bed..... now to add some supplies. I always make up a bag of personal supplies (tooth paste and floss and disposable brushes) of course some chocolate for him (runs in the family---the love of chocolate) and the a few other things.... less for him to pack. Not that I am keeping a count but it is only 10 days to arrival. the temps this week are to be around 68-70 and I hope that continues to the next week also. I have been out of bed since 2 AM and I think I need to is still dark out after all. So, I will be off to find a pillow. Thank you for your friendship and kind words....have a great day.