Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tat tat tat

I am so happy that I am able to return to tatting! A year ago I stopped due to my hand issue, but as soon as I tried I surprised myself that I remembered all that I learned a short time ago. Problem is I am absolutely addicted to these

Ice Drops.....thank you very much to a fantastic gal, Diane Green Cadematori and her great tutorial. You just can not tat one! I am not sure where they are all going to go.
Here is one done with gold beads on the outside and I just started one with red beads and I have some blue beads and, well you can guess where this is going! Fun to make. they measure just over an inch from one picot to another.
Plain or fancy they look sweet on the tree. So far I have only use "clear" gems in the center....until I find some colored ones.
Now, some people have the Shelf Elf around Christmas...
I have The Grinch watching over me at the computer desk. He has been with me for maybe since 1999. I also have the larger one who is sitting in the living room and remember the bulb ornament? well I also have a gourd that Mr H painted...will have to show those to you another day soon. It is almost nine AM and since I have been awake since 2 AM, I figure it will be a long day. I do have plans to finish my Dresden wreath wall hanging this morning and of course those  multiplying Ice Drops. I have already had a friend ask for one so that my house will not have an avalanche of them! My pleasure to share them! Thank you for stopping by and for your friendship and kind words......enjoy your day.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Ornaments on the tree day 4

Yesterday was I joined the Thursday needlework ladies. We are all working on different things, all with a needle of sorts. I am still new to the group but I am enjoying these new friends. The afternoon was running a few errands and while out I stopped at Pier 1 and of course just had to pick up a few new ornaments.... I will get to show you sooner or later but for now....
love this old type ornament. So fragile. It is one of a dozen that was given to me by my Aunt Angie who passed away many years ago. Of course through the years some have broken so now I am even more careful with the few that are left. I love the indented centers....
here is another.  They are so unique...

this one always makes me thing of flowers with it's bright fuchsia center.
Here is one from my first tree 46 years ago
Not many of them left either. But, between my very old ones and hers there is a dozen.... enough for nice memories. There were a few of my very old ones that had to be discarded...what ever the make up of them, they were badly tarnished and di  not seem safe to handle.. The quality now is much sturdier and the finishes last. Looking at Aunt Angie's always brings back childhood memories and not all from Christmas...nice memories. She was one of a kind. My tree is very eclectic....some old, some new and some made. The other 2 trees remain themed. Mr H and I are at a comfortable place in our lives.... good day and off days for him, but all in all we are enjoying another Christmas, this is our 46th Christmas and boy have the times changed. Dealing with changes is how we grow. Learning to accept some changes is what we have done to get to where we are now..... a good place in our lives. I can smell my first fresh brewed cup of coffee so with that I say thank you for your friendship and kind words and I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ornaments on the tree day 3

I skipped ornament posting yesterday so I could honor my dad and those who were at Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941. It has always been a special day at my house and although dad died in 1985 it still is for me. anyway, on to the ornaments...
these are story books. They are only 2 1/4 by 3 inches; the Poinsettia, The Christmas Tree, The Yule Log and the Christmas Angel. I have had them since the 1990's and they were from the company, Current. To my surprise they are still in business. We used to group order where I was working.
As you can see there really is a story inside. Each year I read them again as I put them on the tree. Rather than hang them I just set them on a branch here and there so they are easier to pick up and read. I love the lore and legends around holidays. I love the reason behind lights on the tree....and I quote in part .....
"Among the legends of the Christmas tree is one even more dear in religious circles. It seems that when the little Christ Child was born in Bethlehem, not only did the shepherds and the wise men come to pay homage, but the birds, the beasts and even the plants came too. Each visitor had a gift for the blessed baby except the little pine tree. It had nothing to give the Christ Child except its needles, and as the needles might prick the baby and hurt him, that was hardly an acceptable gift at all! According to the legend, God saw how disappointed the little tree was and told some stars to go down and rest on its branches. When they did, the little tree was illuminated with such a warm brilliance......from that time forth the little pine tree always bears lights at Christmastime....
Time for me to have a cup of coffee and think about the plans for my day...even if it is only 3:20 AM! Hope you are enjoying the posts.....thank you for your kind words and friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pearl Harbor December 7 1941

Today I remember ... for my dad who returned and for those who did not. December 7 9141. Giuseppe (Joseph) Piccirilli...he was stationed on Oahu and just returned from guard duty and headed to the chow hall when the attack began. The men dove into the bushes until they could try to get their guns. The pilots were so low that he recalled looking at their faces as they dropped bombs. He never forgot and nor shall I, for him. He was just 22 and spent almost 5 1/2 years in Hawaii. He met and married my mom Eva after his return to the states and they married in 1946. He was a very patriotic man and I suppose that is why I am. Once while I was still single and living at home we watched From Here to Eternity together..... he was always careful to hide his emotions, but I thought I caught a tear in his eyes the night. He was very involved in the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, serving as the President at one time. In this picture you can see a copy of the newspaper and a copy of the Instrument of Surrender as well as the Christmas dinner they had that year. The newspaper article with my dad is an interview he gave the local paper one year.
 This is a picture taken with his older brother John who was in the Navy and in the surrounding waters at the time of the attack. He also survived. It is old and scratched but it is the only one I have of them together in uniform. There are those who do not know anything about that terrible day, but for our family it was a big deal. My grandma did not have the news access we have today when tragedy strikes. She waited almost 2 weeks to hear if her sons were alive. I am proud of the military service my father gave for our country. Just wanted to share........

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ornaments on the tree day 2

Oh my I am posting late today! This morning was busy.... out of the house. Then Mr H called to tell me we needed bread and milk. Now, that is a winter back East request when the snow is arriving and we do not have that white stuff here in The Valley of the Sun Arizona! Seems we are always needing milk and bread. Anyway, today I want to share light bulbs. No, not the kind to light up, the ones on my tree.
Mr H painted this back in the 90s.... his beard is painted with textured snow paint....I just adore him. While he was in a painting mood that year....
the Grinch came to stay not only on our tree, but several other houses. Everyone loved him and so they got one and some even asked for
yup, the Cat in the Hat. These remain a few of my favorites because my guy made them for me. I just asked and he painted. This year I mention about painting a bulb and he just looked at me so I guess that means not happening. While we are talking old stuff how about

my disco ball. I really did not like the disco music but certainly love the sparkle of the disco ball. I have a large one just out the kitchen window in the yard and when the sun hits it, there are "parkles" everywhere, outside and in the kitchen. Fun, simple fun. I will try to get a picture of the sun parkles for is a partly cloudy day, so maybe soon. I do not know why but December which is just starting seems to be moving along too quickly. I think it is because I have a few project to get done and the fairies are just rushing me. Must remind myself to take a deep breath and then remember to exhale. Did I mention I started tatting again? Yes, after a year of not picking up a shuttle, I tried and wait until I show you what I am making. My practice piece came out pretty good. One of my friends remarked today..."oh, people will want one for their tree..." Anyway, hope you are enjoying day 2 and tomorrow, we shall see. Thank you for your friendship and kind words....have a great evening...not signed off with that before! but here it is 4:30 PM...a late post for sure.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Ornaments on the tree day 1

One of the things I love the most about decorating the trees is handling each ornament like it is the first time! Then comes a memory and then finding the right spot....or not. Sometimes my ornaments move about the tree several times. To start let's look at one of the things all my trees have...
The Christmas spider. The main tree is the only one with a web. Through the years I have made these beaded spiders and sent them off to other trees literally around the blog friends. Along with the spider I send the legend (one of the many that are printed).  The spider on the Ana Lee tree is red and the Southwest tree is bronze. Once I had a request for one in purple! One of the other must be on the main tree things is...Santa's Key
This has been a must as I have never had a working fireplace and how else would Santa get in to leave gifts! Many years ago one of my nephews asked about this. "Aunti Grace, I do not have a chimney and I need to be sure Santa can leave my gifts". My answer was that Santa would be a able to use my key because we are family and he will unlock the front door...(I was not going to give up my key and get no gifts!) This totally satisfied him and every year on Christmas Eve when he came to my house he would look for the key. I still place it in front and low enough for a child to find. So that my friends is the first of the ornaments. I love recalling this memory. So that is the first day of ornaments. Glad you could stop by and read about it, hope you will return for the others. Thank you for your kind words and friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The trees are decorated

All 3 trees are looking pretty...
This pencil style tree is in the kitchen and has a Southwest theme. This year the beaded Santa and the crocheted dream catcher were added. Each year I try to add something homemade. There is usually a wreath at the bottom but it is someplace else this I will be looking to add there. I finally got my bedroom tree settled in...
this is my Kurczap tree of Ana Lee....My dear friends Lucille
( Lu )and Stan back in Rhode Island started to send me Ana Lee ornaments each year and this is where they are. Some stand on the table while others hang in the tree. Oh I love my fancy ornaments and it is a constant reminder of our long and continued friendship. Lu manages to find a new one each year. I in turn send a Southwest ornament and so far I manage to find different ones.  Of course the main tree in the living room ....
front view...can't seem to get it without a bit of blur! This is a new tree this year. The other was fine and lights still all working, but after 10 years it was time to replace. Placed in front of the floor windows, is looks so nice from outside...will have to get a picture of that.

this is from the right side of the tree....and then from the left...
I am pleased with the tree this year. During the week I will post some close-up of ornaments. Some I have had a long time. I will admit that when we moved from RI to here in AZ and lived in a small apartment, this was also a place where I downsized. We went from a very large 8 foot real tree each year to a 3 1/2 foot  table top! No room for all that I had. The left behind ornaments went to good homes. In a way it was nice starting new as we were starting a new life 3,000 miles away. I feel the need for a cup of with that I will say thank you visiting with me today. Thank you for your kind words and friendship, have a wonderful day.