Friday, February 27, 2015

Customers can make my day

I have been with Jo Ann Fabrics going on 8 years this August. Some days are much more difficult than others....then a customer comes along who appreciates you...
and makes it better. We have what is called "A Cut Above" award. Tiny scissors that we can attach to our aprons and along with each pin is the note from the customer.....Yesterday I received another one that made my day.....It is the one in the center about the crabby customer! We all remember the ones that give us grief as well as the pleasant kind customers. I guess what I want to convey to you is that if you have the opportunity to compliment a worker, do so not only to them personally but to can really make our day. I wear a few on my apron, but I have a fair collection as you can see....and proud of them I am! Are you in for this? My co-worker Arlene found this web page and asked me to submit to it...She got Bing Crosby's White Christmas...I got The Old Lamp-Lighter by Sammy Kaye and his Orchestra! She finds these crazy things all the time....
  Yesterday one of my customers noticed the red swollen hand and after I explained she said..."it is tough getting old" then asked my age and said "see what I mean"! (I am 68, she is 75) As she left the counter she patted my hand and said "just do the best you can".
 This morning I am stitching on Pink Lady Bustle and not having difficulties with my hand.The swelling is down but the discomfort remains. I am determined to stitch so stitch I will!!! I will be emailing the March Card Exchange list out on Sunday, so there is still time to join me your mailing address if this is the first time. If you have been part of it (since December) I probably already have your address.
So glad you stopped by today....thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Have a wonderful day.
****The only way to have a friend is to be one.****
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Angel wings or buttlerflies from the sea

I finished the Beetle Bag.....which I briefly posted about here. It is a pattern from Aby Lane Quilts that I bought at Jo Ann's....
I had a bit of issue with the binding, but I am happy with the results. There are 6 zip closed bags in the center held with Velcro straps for stuff and the pin cushion is removable. The strap wraps around to the back and attaches with Velcro. I hope to make a few for gifts. I will make a few adjustments when I do. Not bad for a first. I love the fabric which I bought last year. It was for a BOM club project that Jo Ann's always has. Easy when the fabrics are already color/pattern together.
Yesterday was a blood work day for Mr H and me.... nice when the technician is gentle. After the stabbing we returned home to settle back and watch a few Sherlock Holmes movies....totally relaxing afternoon...but no stitching. Later Mr H made dinner...remember I told you he is the cook in the house. It was a pre-prepared seafood clambake dinner and was delicious. He also made some shrimp with butter and I ate them all! I cannot resist shrimp. What I found out when cleannuing up...yes he cooks I clean....was these lovlies
At first I thought what cute butterflies...then as I washed them I thought of angel wings.... what I will do with them remains to be seen but I could not throw them all away. I am always amazed at Mother Nature....look at the shell designs...exact on each side and they were pretty much all different. For now they will live in a basket.
My friend Gail and hubby are almost to their destination in Virginia having safely driven from here in all the nasty snow, icy roads and rain weather. I await the Facebook message that says they arrived. In the meantime, a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Today is a work day....whatever your day is, I do hope it is wonderful.
Thank you for your kind words and friendship....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Starting to stitch again

Finally my hand is feeling better. The swelling is going down but will never completely go away as it is a chronic inflammation.Work is a little difficult trying to keep the scissor moving for 5 hours. I am lucky that I have been able to leave work a bit early...understanding MOD's. With this side-tracked issue, blogging has not been on my mind. I am trying to catch up on all your lovely blogs..... Today, I finally decided to get to blogging and in general the internet for FB, emails, etc. and what?! there is a problem with connection? Sometimes technology drives me insane. What I think I need is a cup of coffee and some stitching.  Thank you for the wonderful caring messages and for your friendship. It does help when things are not what you wish them to be. Thank you for being here .... now I will try to get there to your place....first that cup of coffee. Have a great day.

Gee, there seems to be lots of notes of to do here on the desk----- hmm.