Monday, May 19, 2014

Almost human again

The last 2 days have been horrible....hopefully today will be my healing day for I do have work tomorrow. Let's start from the beginning. On Friday night Mr H and I visited a local restaurant that we go to for fish and chips. This time I decided to try the Glazed Pork chop with a side salad and steamed veggies. It was really very good. Home we cam to watch a movie then of to bed. At1:30am I awoke to feeling quite ill. Light-headed and over all sick. Then all broke loose and the vomiting started and continued. Then of course the diarrhea and finally just exhaustion. If you thinking food poisoning you are thinking correctly. A total feeling of weakness and headache continued yesterday. Thankfully the headache is gone, the light headed feeling too. My stomach is settling enough for me to hold down food and I am drinking water and Gatorade. Mr H has been  so good...when he asked what else he could do for me, I asked him to take over for me and I would help luck with that. I called the Health Department to ask if anyone else had complained... no record. The lady asked me to file a complaint so that they could make a visit to the restaurant and check it out. At first I hesitated, but then thought, no, I have to do this. If for nothing else to be sure they are aware of a problem and correct whatever it is that is wrong. 
I had wanted to tell you that on Friday I had finished my Round Robin piece and was going to get it to the post office...did not happen. I wanted to tell you about the beaded dragonfly pin that I got ready for making which has not been touched. Or I could tell you about the mug rug I was planning that is still spread out on the cutting table. So I guess you could say I have done absolutely nothing for the past few days. Now, I am back to relaxing and trying to get back to me....
A nap sounds about right and more Gatorade.  Thanks for listening to my tale of woe. I do hope you are having a good day. I know I am here somewhere... just as soon as I find myself I will do something creative! Did I mention I want to try Irish Crochet?