Saturday, December 11, 2010


Every now and again we need a
~~~~~Still time to sign up for my PIF, remember, you have all year to complete your PIF
~~~~~My giveaway for the DMC Breast Cancer kit...see label on my sidebar
             I actually now have 3 to send out!

I want to thank all who sent  a  birthday wish to my mom....

Glad I was able to share my storage idea for the Crazy Challenge...
It was nice of you to stop and visit.....hope your day/weekend is enjoyable.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Package from sis...

So I went to the Post Office yesterday and picked up the box that I missed the delivery for on Wednesday. It was from my "younger" sis Linda, back in Rhode Island. Actually we are only 2 sisters and she often would introduce me as her "older" sis.  We send "care packages" to one another often. There are somethings I just miss from there and things she loves from here. In the box was my Christmas present, a gift certificate for Nordic House...can't wait to shop. She sent a couple of buttons she likes for me to use in a pincushion I will make for her. Then there was my Pepper Biscuits...oh how I love them and can not find them in all of Arizona! And she also sent my Cici Nuts..again not available here. Linda stitched a Christmas card, very nicely done....oh the Girl Scout book you ask? when I was a young girl, I joined the first Girl Scout troop in our parish. It was fun. Then after some years, I must say I lost interest and dropped out. things have a way of being forgotten. Recently, sis tells me cousin Janice found her, Linda's Girl Scout book! I said, you were never in the scouts..she said oh, and that her name is in the book. Well, after some chat it was dropped. She was not, I was...she just erased my name way back when and put in hers....what a kid! Lo and behold, she sent me my book, still with her name in it! gotta love the kid! There, now you have the whole Janice ever got it I will never know! I think I will have a pepper stick with my tea......glad you stopped by....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Special Birthday ~~~~~~and a finish

Happy Birthday Mom
This is Eva Piccirilli, and today is her birthday. She is still an active lady who is 84 years old.  Once she retired, she helped with her great-grandchildren...Nico and Joey (cousins, who celebrate their 20th  birthdays on Dec 13th) and grandaughter Elyssa (age 17)...always available to drive them to and from school and work. Now she spends time knitting, crocheting and loves to do basic embroidery. I have several pieces she has done for me. 
So, today I send my love from Arizona to Rhode Island to my mom.

This is from By The Bay Needleart..stitched from the kit...I really like the way it turned out. I used the tag to initial and date (on the back). The backing is a lovely plaid...don't you think. I  made a small change by stitching a visible dash line around the piece.

I was also able to find (at Staples) the solution for the January challenge...see my  Challenge blog..(sidebar).

I won't get much stitching accomplished at JoAnn's day... and as soon as the Post Office opens, I am off to mail a few packages....and I missed a delivery of 2 packages yesterday, so in line I will have to stand and wait my turn.....

Have a great day and I am so glad you decided to take time from your busy day to visit....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found a storage for my challenge projects!

Yes, I found a storage plan for the Crazy Challenge...but it will be posted tomorrow! I also have a finish to post... It has been a long busy day.....until then......

New TUSAL...and Dear John.

Stop by It's Daffycat to get the info...Sharon is going to take on the task of checking out TUSALs....

On another note: 30 years ago today John Lennon was killed...a sad loss to the music world.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A day that will live in infamy

Once again I post this picture of my dad, Joseph Piccirilli. I think of him today which is the anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor 69 years ago. For our family it was a celebration that he survived that day, along with his brother John. If not for that fact, I would not be here today and for that I am grateful. He was proud to serve his country and taught me to be a proud American.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New blogger and she has a giveawy!

Just found a new blogger and she is having a giveaway...go and check her out!

TUSAL and ~~~~~

My snowman is holding on to all the threads that are popping out! Look at all the red and green..
Wanted to show you my beaded Santa was from a Mill Hill kit done on perferated paper.
I love my Santa Key...I hang it out on Christmas Eve even though there are no young children here with Dennis amd me. Here is the poem that came with it:
A Key for Santa
If a house has no chimney for Santa to come in,
or if the chimney's too small (since Santa's not thin!)
There's nothing to worry about because Santa can see
how to get inside if you leave him a key!


I was able to purchase another of the DMC Stitch Pink Needlework Accessory Kits....(a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research). They were a Limited Edition product. I would like to give it away...if you are wanting this kit....leave a message on this post and I will draw for it on January 1st. That's catches...if you would like to mention it on your blog, that's fine. It contains a pink scissor, 28 floss bobbins, pink needle threader and is in a pink plastic zip pouch. There are few patterns inclosed.