Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just too tired~~~

When I woke up on Thursday around 3 am, I really did not expect how my day would end. I had the day off and enjoyed stitching and a movie and just being. I left for my HOA meeting and returned an hour later to see that Mr H was not feeling well. With a surgery upcoming I thought that maybe that was the problem. Soon he told me that he had chest pains and at this point it had been about 40 minutes. This has recently happened but is usually gone quickly and he never wants to go to the ER. Tonight was different and off we went . The ER/hospital is 5 minutes away so by 8:10pm he was hustled into care. Finally because his BP kept fluctuating they admitted him. It was midnight before I arrived home and Zoe was beside herself that she could not find Mr H ... I am always an after-thought with this dog. Around 1:30 she quieted down so we could sleep but up at 4  ---- a trip outside for her. Zoe goes right back to sleep but not me. And worrying about hubby was on my mind. I was told I could return at 6 am to meet with the Cardio doctor so off I went. It is so hard to see your spouse hooked up to equipment and looking worried himself. More tests ... so down I sat to what else ... stitch. I must say I did get lots done on my exchange piece. Long and short of it is ... finally at 8 pm Friday he was discharged and we will see his own Cardio doc ... surgery is still not set.... so ... that's my story. Stitch not today, but tomorrow, yes. I always know how I feel about this man but I also know how I would feel without him .... lost.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood...

It is a lovely day .... anyone remember Mr Rogers

I began another project ... an embroidery ...
I have a long way to go .... but it is a design from one of our lovely blog friends. I will not say more just yet. I am enjoying the stitching as I am with my Butterflies ......
Please excuse the wonky look. I need to re-adjust it in the frame. I just have the bottom border and then the outline to finish.
Finished the wording last night. I have so enjoyed this project. I do like humbugs!

Mr H and I were up and out so very early yesterday that today will be an indoor stitching and he a movie. I think his movie is Return of the Fly .... not my kind of flick. It came in the mail from Netflix yesterday but he never got to watch it. I did more on my exchange piece also yesterday. I love the colors in it.  I never had a favorite season, but Autumn with colorful leaves is nice. I do not get to see that here in Arizona. Of course we could drive up North a bit and catch it. Our temps today should only be around 107. Hopefully we are on a cool down that will remain and bring on the Fall weather. Dear Ziz is visiting her friend in Oregon this week .. miss seeing her. My family in Rhode Island finally has their electricity back. Sis Lyn was going nuts. I think you are all caught up on my happenings! Oh I did find that I have a new follower, from Finland and I want to visit with her so I will just say that I am pleased as usual to have you stop by. Have a wonderful day as I plan to!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flowers and bees~~~~and bunny slippers

Oh another busy day....laundry finished .... stitching on and off .... and the Sprinkler company .... a break then off to the cardiologist this afternoon.
The last of the bees stitched as well as the last butterfly ...
This has be a joy to work on. I have one more stem/flower then I can work on the bottom row of motifs....
I really love these bees! I really would like to find these peanut shape beads for future bees.

I thought you would like to really meet Lucy...

she wears wooden spool rollers with twine..
a few calico patches on her terry robe
just look at these fluffy bunny slippers! How adorable it she......Most of her body is wood with bendable wire in her arms and legs. I have some wonderful doll ... some of them I made .. some are collectibles. A bit of love.
I always enjoy your visits and kind comments and emails. We are a sisterhood and I treasure your friendship. Have a wonderful day ..... I need a glass of iced tea and more stitching .....

Monday, August 29, 2011


Just look at the trail of color from the butterflies .... speaking of them, the 3rd one is almost finished but I did not take a picture. I will post tomorrow. Do you like my bathrobe cutie ... Mr H bought her for me a very long time ago when I had foot surgery. I will post a better picture of her soon...she is wearing fluffy rabbit slippers.... so cute.
I am in a bustle of a day when I had hoped it would be relaxing. Did manage to get my blood drawn without incident this time.
For those of you who were in the hurricane's path ... I hope you are all doing okay. My family back in Rhode Island is still without electricity ... but managing ... except for sis Lyn who is lost without her morning coffee.
Thanks for stopping by today....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where have I been~~~~~

Well, I have been feeling lazy. We have had a break from the surgeons and the doctors ... that is until Tuesday. I have been stitching on my exchange piece that will be needed for mailing Nov 1 and I have to put the finish on my other piece that is to be mailed Oct 15 .... and then I am still stitching on my butterflies.....
Now there are flowers and another bee.... I have started the 3rd butterfly and hope to have it finished soon. A summer piece finished in time for autumn!

Our Monsoon weather has been busy. On Friday I drove home from work in a mini dust storm ..... and encountered a small accident. How they collided is beyond me because it really wasn't too bad driving. Anyway, then yesterday while my family on the East Coast was preparing for a hurricane, we were getting rain here .... that it what you are reading .. we had rain. It is enough to celebrate when it happens. Today it is again hot and sunny.

Next week will be busy again ... somewhere I will have to fit in some legal business ..... making changes and adding documents and such. I also need to go to the dreaded lab for blood work again. We do remember the last painful time!

Have you checked out the sidebar for give aways to check out--> The label is "be sure to check this out". I have added Tricia to the list.

I am pleased that you found some time to visit with me and leave me messages. You my blog friends have been wonderful. Enjoy your day.