Friday, October 18, 2013

In the sewing room

When I wake  at 3 AM, I must find something to do. I tat, or I cross stitch and sometimes I sew...
I bought this table topper pattern at Jo Ann's and with the help of co-worker and good friend Beckie, picked out some nice Fall fabric. I loved this pumpkin print for a few weeks and was determined to use it somehow. I had the right color Ric-rac in my stash and trimmed the center.I made this so that I can flip it over and...
then I have Christmas. On this side, I did fussy cutting to get the cardinals in the same place on each blade and then with Sulky Gold thread did the machine embroidery stitches along each seam. I really like how it turned out. I was able to fussy cut for the center circle too. This will make a nice pattern to do for all the seasons. It fits nicely on my table.  I would also like to make the table runner that everyone has been of the customers explained it to me so I will give it a try. I am getting used to the new sewing machine and hope to be sewing more.
This is the Halloween Exchange that I sent to Melissa....

She identified it as coming from Marcy on her blog. It was fun to make. I stitched and attached the piece to a black tote bag and filled with some goodies. I added beads...of the spider and some glitzy thread here and there. I will be taking a break from group exchanges for now, and do individual exchanges. Not to sound immature, but I do put lots of thought and time into my projects and I do not think it is unfair to be recognized by the recipient. I always use tracking except of course for  items sent through customs so I am aware when they arrive.
It is an absolutely beautiful morning outside. I do have work today, but then I am off until Tuesday. Plenty of time to keep my hands busy. Thank you for spending time with me....and for the kind words and emails. I value our friendship. Have a good day....

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Arizona State Fair

Mr H and I went to the State Fair yesterday. It was the first time in the 9 years we have been out here and it was very in interesting.  The fair ground is a very large area and there is so much to do and see. We do not like to go on rides, but we had to ride the huge Ferris Wheel....and what a view from the top. We did enjoy others on the various rides like the one pictured...oh my... I was getting nauseous just watching them! I love the poultry area. While we were there, there were judges picking up and looking at the chickens. There were so many varieties and colors. One would start to crow then the others would join in and clucking was everyone's sound. The little piglets slept and the baby chicks ran about. We did plenty of walking I can say. It was crowded and I am glad we chose a week day to go.
I just sent for a Teneriffe Lace kit... I just want to know how to make these motifs the correct way. I have dabbled trying, but I thought why not have proper instructions. Managed to get some stitches on the Dream Catcher feathers and even made a table topper with my new sewing machine...but, that will have to wait until tomorrow. Right now I am feeling very hungry so I best get some breakfast and another cup of coffee. Work about you? Whatever your day holds I hope it is great. Thank you for visiting with me....thank you for the kind words which always make my day.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wizard of Oz and Elyssa

Relaxing day yesterday.... did some stitching but was interrupted to run a few errands. We started out for the bead store and the Oriental Market. I did not find the purple seed beads I was looking for but did find the cookies in the Oriental market. Amazing how Mr H and I go to Fry's market for a few items and come out with bags of food that I am sure were not on the list that was left on the kitchen counter. Of course it was Monday night football but first we watched...
Mr H ordered it last week and we just got around to watch it. The snapshot is of my niece Elyssa taken in 1998 when she dressed as Dorothy for Halloween. Do you see the ruby slipper pin? That is one of my favorite pins.... it is from Kirks Folly collection and is no longer made. The ruby Swarovski crystals  and little charms really sparkle. Just love this movie. This is the 75th Anniversary edition and we really enjoyed the extra commentary about the making of the movie and about the cast. All in all,  a pleasant movie time and remembering a little girl who is now 20 years old!
Our temperatures have been should be in the mid to high 80's....nice not to have the house air running. Still, I have it on in the car.
I have an itch to try Teneriffe Lace. Now come on, do I really need to add something else to the basket? I guess the answer is yes because I do plan to try it. Have you? I might send for a kit from Gina-B Silkworks. I also just bought the RNS book on Whitework. I really must behave try to refrain from this behavior. The urge to try it all! I do not have enough hours now to do what I do. Some days it feels like a blur. Hard to think it is already mid October.
Time for me to get a few stitches on my feathers in. Today is a work day....thanks for visiting with me....have a great day.

Monday, October 14, 2013

How time flies.......

I can not believe my last posting was Thursday! What have I been doing? Well, for starters, it has been crazy busy work. Jo Ann's has had so good sales and the shoppers have been buying.I have been doing 4days at 5 hours....oh I know big deal. Remember I am retired?! well, part-time anyway. At night I have been so tired and a little achy. Not much stitching going on. I actually have not accomplished very much. My mind is tired! I seem to be misplacing things and only finding some of them. I am sure eventually everything will turn up...I hope. Even my emails are getting lost! I keep finding my junk folder has mail that should not be there. I feeling ambitious today....laundry #3 in dryer, newspaper read, package to go to Post Office tomorrow is ready, ink changed in printer, and most importantly, I have had needle in hand.
The weather here is finally cooling. It felt good to sit outside yesterday for awhile. I think I will take my stitching out to the lanai with another cup of coffee. I am glad you stopped by, even if there is not much here today. Hope you all have a wonderful day.