Thursday, October 17, 2013

Arizona State Fair

Mr H and I went to the State Fair yesterday. It was the first time in the 9 years we have been out here and it was very in interesting.  The fair ground is a very large area and there is so much to do and see. We do not like to go on rides, but we had to ride the huge Ferris Wheel....and what a view from the top. We did enjoy others on the various rides like the one pictured...oh my... I was getting nauseous just watching them! I love the poultry area. While we were there, there were judges picking up and looking at the chickens. There were so many varieties and colors. One would start to crow then the others would join in and clucking was everyone's sound. The little piglets slept and the baby chicks ran about. We did plenty of walking I can say. It was crowded and I am glad we chose a week day to go.
I just sent for a Teneriffe Lace kit... I just want to know how to make these motifs the correct way. I have dabbled trying, but I thought why not have proper instructions. Managed to get some stitches on the Dream Catcher feathers and even made a table topper with my new sewing machine...but, that will have to wait until tomorrow. Right now I am feeling very hungry so I best get some breakfast and another cup of coffee. Work about you? Whatever your day holds I hope it is great. Thank you for visiting with me....thank you for the kind words which always make my day.


Vickie said...

I just never get tired of our State Fair. I love the many different animals.

ginnyt said...

State Fair looks like alot of fun. I'm semi-retired like you, but at least I got to work day shift today instead of night shift; can't wait to see your tatting; never could do it, lol

thegreytail said...

I really liked the pictures, thank you. I'm sure you had a good time at the fair.
we're having a Pumpkin Fair here, really want to check that out.
hugs and happy xxx,

cucki said...

Wow so much fun..
I am sure you had a lovely time at the fair..
Big hugs x

Julie said...

Great pictures of the state fair. I think I would have been quite ill if I had to ride the ferris wheel, I get dizzy standing on a chair!

butterfly said...

looks a great day out.

Ele said...

ooooh, sounds great fun