Friday, May 24, 2013

Time ... where does it go

I have been in a lost mode again...oh, I am doing this and doing that, but at the same time... loosing myself in this and that. If you do not think this makes sense, then join me for another cup of coffee. I have been practicing my tatting. It is a simple enough pattern, but I keep making mistakes. Some I can fix and then I just discard and start over. It will not get me.... I will get it! Moving on...
this is a Mourning Doves nest in our Ficus tree. Mr H refused to let her build in our planter, so she moved to the tree... a better place. There are only 2 eggs, and they are taking turns sitting on the nest. It is a very sturdy twig nest. I took this on May 16th so we will watch and see the progress to hatching. This certainly has been the year for nests in our plants!
I have also been working on my Candle stand project... although I will admit  very little, but here it is so far
 I planned to have more done, but this tatting thing got in the way. I still have a few other projects in the works...just can't seem to find the time. There is that word again. Time.....
Well, dear friends, my coffee is ready and I need to put my feet up for a break..... laundry one out of dryer and laundry two in dryer. The sound of the pond fountain is calling to me to sit outside on the lanai and relax so I think I will.... won't you join me for a stitch break? So happy to have you visit with me today...have a good day.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All gone...

The Brother left yesterday afternoon...miss him. As usual, we had a wonderful and relaxation. He hiked, time in the pool, visiting a few favorite places and a couple of new places. I hate the hug when he leaves, but it will last until next year.
I did pick up the needle to stitch, but I really have nothing much to show. The morning was spent doing laundry and getting the guest room back to my sewing room....hope tomorrow to have a few pictures to post. In the meantime, hope all are safe if you are in the tornado area. My thoughts are with all of the people who are struggling to get through this. Thank you for visiting with me and for the kind words. I am going to read for a little while and sit outside on the lanai....enjoy your day.