Wednesday, May 7, 2014

She did it again!

You know that feeling you get sometimes.... stretched this way and that. Wanting to go left but end up in the middle? Tired but have the urge to do anyway... then you know how I feel today. We were comfortably busy at Jo Ann's yesterday but I left there feeling like I put in ten hours instead of 5. But I did leave with a smile... Esther, that's right, she did it again. On Sunday while I was in for the tatting group, she mentioned she found a book for me. I left without seeing her so I did not get the book. Yesterday, however, she held it aside for me....
it was a must have for me. Beads and embroidery... ah, she does know what I like. Having a 50% off coupon works too. I would have bought it anyway.... it really has nice designs and good illustrations. The temptation to try one is there, but alas, it will have to wait. I started my Round Robin piece. It took me a while to find a 4 inch design, but I did. Who knew? I think I shall now keep a folder of these as this project evolves during the next months. This designs uses beads, but I will eliminate them and floss instead.... sounds like a tooth commercial!
I have decided on the hand stitching for the quilt so that will be on the list of to do. I joined Jo's Summer Postcard Blog Hop.... always a fun experience and chance to meet new friends. In all the things Jo has to do, she still finds time to set up adventures for us. My adventures today... let's see, Mr H and I will be seeing his pain management doctor and discuss the findings from the 2 other doctors...     it is a nowhere street at this time. Then I have an HOA meeting tonight. In between these 2 events, I plan to put my feet up and stitch.... and flip through the new book, again. I did get an appointment for my hand, for June 11th... he is booked solid. My hand has been swollen this long, I can wait a little longer. Ice ice ice.... of course being my right hand it is never at rest. I had a customer's husband ask me if I had broken my hand yesterday... said it looked like it. Great, now medical help from a man who was amazed at all the fabric he saw! Well, with that my friends, I think I will sit, feet up, new book in hand...left hand and gently flip pages for awhile. Thank you for visiting today.... hope you have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A productive weekend

Don't you just love it when you accomplish several things on your list? It is a good feeling to look and see what you did. The top quilt is together, the batting bought and the backing too. As I have mentioned before, this ts the first quilt in 20 years... not perfect, but it is just as I envisioned... so far. Now, what to do with stitching the top! Since some of the blocks are hand embroidered, I do not want to stich on them. I want the back to look as nice, so what to do? I think I will wander around the internet to see what I can find for inspiration. Just when my lit has crossed off lines I add a few more.
Yesterday The Debra and I met up with 3 ladies for tatting lessons....time now for them to practice and hopefully join us next month. Speaking of tatting, I finally washed and blocked Thistle...
A light shade of lavender. I think I may make it into a pincushion...
I may even have the right fabric in one of my bins. Once again, I have the thought now to follow through. There will never be an end to my lists! Do you have lists? There is the market list with all the foods I need, there is the list of other things like paper goods and general items, oh and the list of yard things that Mr H must have , of course we have a list of appointments, and let's not forget the craft list of the must haves for me. Just one big circle around here. I have always been a keeper of lists. They are on the refrigerator, the desk, the computer desk, the craft table.... and when we were planning the big move, they were on the clipboard------
Arizona Bound
May 2004
The month has been productive. We returned from our last vacation in Arizona with an apartment plan. Mr H and I have been going through the house and I have lists of every room and what I think is going with us and what is just going. Mr H has put in for his retirement date as is will take a little time for it to finalize. In stead of me giving my employers a notice, they seem very unhappy about my going so they have given me one! We will soon have a timetable to follow. I have started a file for all the  paperwork. There is a medical folder for Dennis and me, a folder for the pooches; Sherlock and Zoe, one for the banking, the car, utilities and plenty of empty ones to have as needed. We will be driving so I need to secure a truck and a car carrier. We plan to take only one car and sell the other. This is going to be very organized or it will never work. I have to find a way to get EvaP (mom) from stop calling and questioning whether this is a good idea. Sis Lynowl is not so upset anymore. One day at a time.... one day at a time.....
It has been so nice visiting with you today. I will be updating the travel plans for our big move periodically until June...that is when everything really began to move in high gear. Hope you have a great day.
“If you don't know where you are going,
you'll end up someplace else.”
Yogi Berra―