Friday, April 22, 2011

A hawk, a start and a cup of tea

First up...As I took Zoe out Wednesday morning, I heard a loud "call"...looked up and there they were...2 hawks...
His/her mate flew away but this one keep a watch on us...yelling the entire time. There were 2 Mocking birds attacking it, or at least making an attempt to get it out of the tree. Finally off it flew. I did try to see if there was a nest up there, but did not locate one.
I started a small project...
I had commented on this at Nataly's and she sent the pattern and threads to me. She is such a doll! Anyway, I decided to stitch it using and unknown 32ct linen that I had tea dyed.
I love the tiny sheep! It is a fob but I may finish as a pin cushion...
I did a bit on my challenge piece....I am taking my cup of tea so meet me at my other place and take a always, I am happy to have you visit and enjoy your comments and emails...have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally back to posting~~~

I feel as though it has been forever since my last post!...Lots to post so I best get started.
First...Patty C  and I did a private exchange...look what arrived for me...

But look inside these cute packages...

A pretty selection of threads on a stand...a needle holder, a pin keep and pincushion...and in my favorite colors too!
such detail!

exquisite work...
Next I received a PIF from Elisa

Isn't this pretty...and the card was "tasty"!Just wanted those donuts!
I guess you can say I did okay with helped since the computer was on the blink...about that...I had it cleaned out and checked by the Geek Squad and I am back up and running. Next step will be to replace it as it is a bit old. I just mailed out my Spring Exchange gift but you will have to wait to see has some distance to travel.
The temps here in Arizona have been warm...93 yesterday.Next week at this time my brother arrives for a 4 day visit.
I did lots of stitching on my day 9 piece....want to me over at my other place....I have missed all of your blogs and will try to catch up...thank you for sharing some time with me. Have a great day.

Monday, April 18, 2011's me...I am back!

Well, finally. Got the computer checked and cleaned I am back in business. I have missed reading all your wonderful blogs and seeing what everyone is up to. I have pictures to post and updates on my challenge much to share....but, tomorrow. Right now, I still have to re-do some things that  have been change from the Geek Squad....rearranging and finding things.
Have a nice evening....