Friday, October 21, 2016

It was a sew sew day

I did not plan to be so productive, but then again I do not make plans.
Sew pleased with my pillow finish. It is just how I envisioned it. It measures 16 inches square. I think I love the Dresden plate pattern! I really enjoy hand stitching...
The center button is blanket stitched and the other edge also. The petals are done with the Cretan stitch. The flat beads I hope indicate the seeds of the Sunflower. I usually really stuff my pillows, but this I wanted to keep a little softer, squishy.

On the back I used the reverse side of a bright green and I love how it looks. You can see the scrap of the fabric front draped on the coroner. I already cut out more Dresden blades....hope to show you that soon. I then sat and decided to make an ornament for my tree.
I had these two old buttons in my button jar and they look just right. Well, after finishing this one I had to make a couple more...

so, the two at the bottom will be going to two special homes....not yet of course, but soon. My enjoyment is making and giving, never selling. I would love to make a children's print ornament so I will be on the lookout for special prints.
Somehow the weather fairies have not caught on yet that it is Autumn....yesterday the temp was around 90 and today it may be around 92.  Sitting outside once 8am rolls around it out of the question. Guess that means more time to sit at the sewing table, although not today as we have a doctor appointment this am and a party this afternoon. The time in between may be a trip to JoAnn's for supplies. It  has been so nice to chat with you, thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An afternoon at the museum

Yesterday Mr H suggested a ride to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, so off we went. What a fun and interesting place. Many displays for children (of all ages) to explore and lots of exhibits asking you to touch them.
Mr H touching the Drusy Chrysocolla Boulder. Wonderful examples of rocks and minerals from ages gone by. The displays were wonderful.... we moved on through halls and rooms... always finding something to gaze at like this piece...
this was a huge cut of Amethyst which is my birth stone. There was a similar size in the gift shop that was only $400.00 but I settled for this smaller piece which was much more affordable

 and easier to carry. For now it sits here where I can admire it often. There were so many displays like this one
and this one
The beauty of each piece ...there was also some textiles to see and this wonderful piece
I wanted to reach into the case and caress the fiber. We wandered through the dinosaur bones and then there was a lightening and rain storm that added to the wonder of it. This piece was amazing
the detail was lovely and although it was behind glass, I was able to get really close to see it all.

Finally we went to the courtyard where there was a gold mine sluice set up so we could pan for gold! Of course we did...
 After a few tries we began to find "gold" and here is our treasure....
The museum was very much all ours as the morning crowds left, it was like having our private museum. We really enjoyed how well this museum is designed. Puzzled to put together, tunnels for children to explore, there was a mining camp to wander through and dinosaurs  to intrigue everyone.  All in all we had a wonderful afternoon.
Earlier in the morning I went to a nearby quilt shop for a couple of pieces of fabric .....
I cannot wait to get started. Beautiful Christmas prints. I went for 4 quarter yard pieces and ended up with more than enough for two projects that I have in mind. Guess that about covers it. So happy that you could spend time with me today. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.