Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

For Mr H and me, seeing the end of 2011 is a welcome time. The last 6 months have been a challenge and we seem to be moving ahead in a positive healthy way. There were days waiting for tests results that seemed to go on forever. Thank all of you my friends for the encouragement which made times easier for me so I could be there for Mr H. It truly gave me the push I sometimes needed..To those of you who also met challenges in 2011, I do send heartfelt wishes for a better new year.

Now, look at this amazing plant....
It is a Pachypodium. Mr H went on-line to get info and discovered that it is poisonous to humans and animals! The sap is.... but with thorns as large and hard as this plant has, I do not see a problem. It has 3 off shoots or pups as they are called.
And how about my tomatoes...
They are beginning to ripen and I can hardly wait!
But...... the strawberries~~~~~
There were 2 that just had turned red and the very next day they were gone! Someone got them and it was not me! Now we cover them at night in hopes that I will get at least one.....these two are being watched very closely.

My last try at a beaded bracelet ......

Herringbone stitch..... and I did a pretty good job. I am enjoying adding this craft to my list of things to do.

I started to take down the Christmas decorations this morning. The main tree in the living room is all that is left as well as the outside lights. They will remain until tomorrow. As much as I love all the festivities, it is nice to get things back to normal.
Whatever your plans for this day/evening, be safe and enjoy. See you next year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The week that was!

I have been involved all week in this or that and did not post!What I did was make 2 beaded ornamnets. I know Christmas is over, but htese take time so I will be making them during the year so I can give a few away for gifts next year.

This is my first attempt....this was a bit expensive due to the beads chosen.

This is one I made for my mom...tried not to be Christmas in color as she will most likely keep it out all year.
I really enjoyed beading them and will make several!

I never did post what I sent to Tracey...I was her Secret Santa in the exchange.....

an assortment of things

I loved making this pillow. The print fabric above is the backing.

I am sooooooo behind in visiting blogs and commenting... I will get caught up this weekend.
The decorations come down this weekend also....

Mr H bought a few new plants for the garden. One of them is so interesting... I will post about it tomorrow as well as an update on my tomato plant and strawberry saga.
I am off to work today.... I do appreciate the comments and that you take time to visit. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Must share my Secret Santa gift!

It was fun joining the SSCS this year.....My Santa was Tracey and  did she spoil me!
 Tucked inside this lovely bag was the fabric...
Look at this beautiful wasll hanging with pockets. Inside each is a gift card that are all designed/photographed by Tracey.
There was also a small tim holding more of Tracey's cards and a wonderful calender that she made....her photos are lovely and the candy bar Mr H already sampled...
 I love this addres book (needed to keep all my blog friends info in!) and a bag pattern. Can't wit to make it using the fabrics Tracey included
Last but not least is a thimble to add to my collection. I love adding to my colloection and now one from Australia! Thank you...thank you Tracey.
Can you stand another picture? Mr H and I do not exchange but he did get me a bag from my fav place Fossil

Love the print.....when folded it can fit into my larger handbag or can be carried alone.
Well, hope you enjoyed the too many pictures but that is what can happen when you do not post for a day or so. Tomorrow I will show you what else I am working on...until then, have a great day.
Thank you for sharing some time with me today.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and hope all your packages were just what you wanted!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are you ready?

Ho Ho Ho....Santa begins his journey today/tonight....are you ready?
I wish all my wonderful blog friends a very Merry Christmas. Don't forget to put the reindeer food out and leave something for Santa to snack on.
Don't forget to save some time for yourself...stitching of course.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where has this month gone?

I can not believe that December is nearly at the end. Have I been that busy?

I have finished Lavender's Blue!
After the holiday I will get it framed.

Look what Dear Ziz gave me ....

Of course they are my favorite color..... lavender. They are sitting for now in my Ziz Tree.

I have decided to begin working on my WIP projects. I chose this one first......

I began this one last summer then put it aside to do exchange and ornament stitching. It is lots of half stitches, some with single thread, some with double. I may do some of the outlining before I do the backround stitching.

The ingredients are ready....

today is my baking day. Cookies and caramel popcorn. I have work tomorrow. So today is the day, but first I must  call my florist back in RI to get some gifts delivered. The laundry is in the dryer so out with the measuring cups and spoons, preheat the oven.... and a mess to make.

So happy to visit with you today. I am sure you all have much to do before the Santa arrives. Try to have a wonderful day with little stress.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Thanks for the birthday wishes for Mr H... he really appreciated the thoughts.
I managed to get more stitched on Lavender's Blue...
I am loving this pattern.
I am starting to make some stitching plans for the new year.... I want must finish some long lost projects. I will of course add in a few new ones, after all, I did buy them didn't I.
Off to work today... maybe the Mall tonight.... glad you had some time to stop by... have a grand day.

8 more sleeps until Santa.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A special day

Today is Mr H's birthday. A special one after all he has gone through these last 6 months. Happy that he is in the celebrating mood. I asked him earlier this week what he would like....
This is what arrived... new  speakers. His update time.... now we have another pair of speakers in the garage!

Dear Ziz and Mr Ziz dropped this off for him...

Very cheerful indeed. I am off to work today, but I will pick up a cake and we will have dessert tonight.
I have been stitching a little and will post picture tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So many times I look at something I have or read a page/card/letter, or hear a song and think of someone or a time gone by. That happened to me yesterday. Mr H and I were getting ready to go out for awhile and I reached in to pick out a Christmas pin to wear on my sweater.
This lovely pin was given to me maybe 15 years ago. I wear it every year for the holiday. It was given to me by Joan...... Joan is my SIL Colleen's mom. A sweet lady with a lovely smile. She probably would not remember me now, but I shall always remember her when I wear this pin.

Today's mail brought 2... yes 2 gifts! Once again my sis Lynowl sent me a gift certificate for Nordic Needle....What shall I buy... I love gift certificates. The other package is from my sidekick Lu back in RI. We worked together side by side for 5 years....
Annalee Santa!
It is already hanging on the tree along with the several others she has sent me.

Mr H and I had a wonderful day shopping in Glendale yesterday. We even had lunch at La Piazza Al Forno...delicious Margherita pizza. The weather was nice... no rain, so walking around was nice. The first time in 6 months that we were able to have such a day. They can only continue now.

Well, i am off to a doll making I must run. So glad you had time to visit with me....enjoy your day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Bluebird of Happiness

It rained all day yesterday..... that is not a bad thing, but when you have things to do outdoors it can be annoying. We did go to the doctor and got a great report. Next visit back to him in January! Mr H is finally on the recovery with no further procedures. My toes are trying to relax but it has been a long 6 months.

On that good news....
Yes there is a Bluebird of Happiness my friends. There is also the start of more landscaping. More lettering also. So the rain did not hamper everything.... just my shopping trip to Glendale. That is on schedule for today... rain or not.

My Santa key is hung on the front door..... I know it is still 11 days away, but I do not want to be  last minute and risk forgetting. When there is no fireplace and chimney.....
How does Santa get into your house?  I have been hanging this key for many years.... maybe 20 or so and though there are no children here or likely to be be visiting for the holiday, why break tradition now!

Well, my friends, I really need something to eat... Southwest Hash Browns sounds about right. And yes, it is something I can make for  myself. I must say, it is good to have my personal chef back! Thank you for stopping by and oh yes, by all means you can un-cross your toes. All the  good wishes and thoughts certainly did the help. Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A tree.... rain and an almost blue bird

Well... we had rain most of yesterday and overnight. Mind you, this is not real rain. Most of it is drizzle and evaporates very quickly. But I will say, there is a tiny puddle in our yard this morning. The sun looks as if any minute it will appear.

I worked on another beaded bracelet yesterday. I am enjoying the process of learning how to. I also did a bit more on Lavender's Blue....
I can't will not finish the blue bird... yes that blob is a bird to be.... until we get good news from the surgeon today. You see, he will be my bluebird of happiness.... happy that Mr H is on the recovery road. He is doing so well and is good spirits finally. It has been a long hard 6 months for him.
Today marks the 21st birthday of my 2 grand nephews. Nico's mom and Joe Jr's dad are brother/sister. What a day that was 21 years ago. Tonya and Lisa were in two different hospital and my sis Lynowl was between them! Just remembering makes me feel old!

Well, it has been very nice chatting with you today, but I really need to get a few things done around the home before out to the doctor. Thank you for being here.... for your kindness and friendship....
Have a wonderful day..... the sun just made it's appearance! Good sign for the day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I got sidetracked

Some days I am so lost! I start one thing then see another and off I go. Basically I am a very organized person... but this year I had 2 Christmas card lists..... and misplaced one of them only to ask for someone to send me their address and then find the list. Oh well.

Here is what I have been up to....
I just finished this bracelet this morning.....
 this was fun and I would like to make a few more... I used what beads I had on hand. No, the model for the closed bracelet picture is not my wrist...  it is paper mache.
Then ...
I love the fabric for the backing.
Would you like to see my Snowmen...
The ornament in the back on the display longtime friend Joan gave that to me some years ago. It was made by a local crafts person back in Rhode Island. All of the grass used inside is from RI... I keep it out all year long as a memory of my home state.
This  fellow is out all year too....
My co-worker Arlene made these for us...
just so creative!
Just so you know, I did not really forget about Lavender's Blue
A tree grew! I should must stitch more on this.

We are having a drizzle day here in Arizona. The birds are loving it and so are my plants. My plans for the day you ask ? A cup of hot chocolate and stitching. Mr H ... my toes hurt from still being crossed.... is doing so well. Still with pain/discomfort, but I think the worst is over. Thank you all for the kind words and your prayers. I truly feel lucky to have such great blog friends. I am so pleased you took the time to visit with me.

There is a great give away from sure to check it out.
Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mail delivery!

I got mail! Actually it arrived Monday afternoon but I am just getting around to posting.

Yesterday was Mr H's surgery. The doctor actually did 2 procedures so we are up to 5 since September. He is feeling fair today and I can only hope it will continue. I took some small stitching with me knowing it would be  several hours, only to find that I forgot to put my tin with the needle! So, no stitching yesterday just pacing.
Anyway.... on to fun stuff. This is my package from The Secret Santa Exchange. My Santa is......Tracey...

I only get to open a specific package now and the others on Christmas....I love the wall hanging witch is already hanging and the ornaments are on the tree.
Then the other package was from PattyC........
Look at the cute snowman and the tree of words...... Patty and Heather exchanged ornaments with me this year and I received such lovely one back.

All my exchanges have been I can show you what I sent.
To Secret Santa I sent to Lynda.....she could only open the ornament....
She guessed it might be me... well, the give away was the Arizona postmarks!
To PattyC....

To Heather...

And Secret Pen Pal Lynda

I plan to keep sending written letters monthly.

I finished the Santa earrings.....
I put a quarter to show you the size of them. This was my first attempt at this type of stitching... not too bad. I think I will make a few to give away. 

Well, I need lunch...and will try to get Mr H to eat something. Thank you all for your kind words and for stopping by to spend some time with me. Have a great day.  

added: a wonderful give away at Victorian Motto Sampler

Monday, December 5, 2011

Glad it is Monday

What you say...glad it is Monday? Yes!! I was called out on Saturday........ so........ I thought (should not think sometimes) why not get the Christmas decorations sorted. Well one thing led to another and I spent the day not sorting but putting....would you like to see?
The Living Room Tree

The Bedroom Tree

My Ziz Tree in the kitchen

"The Little Village"
Oops.......a broken ornament

A package arrived Saturday!

It is from Heather..... we exchanged we decided to exchange an ornament....but there are 2 packages?!
I love the pretty
And this
I love the Just Nan projects...look at the beautiful pink linen.
Thank you so much Heather.....the ornie is already on the big tree.
Look who is sitting by the fireplace waiting for Santa...
The Grinch his self! with Santa's hat. I guess he does not know that Santa is on the other end of the fireplace
Oh and did I mention that I took a bead class on Sunday morning? Well, I wanted to learn to do the Peyote Stitch..
had to go with the bead selection they gave me...but I like it. And because of this class, I was able to accomplish this

I love it! It is from the current book Cross Stitch & Bead Weaving. It is half of a pair for earrings....hope to get it finished later today.
I think that covers it all...... thanks for spending time with me this morning. Tomorrow is surgery day for Mr H..... so I will say thank you for all the caring thoughts......have a nice day.