Friday, December 30, 2011

The week that was!

I have been involved all week in this or that and did not post!What I did was make 2 beaded ornamnets. I know Christmas is over, but htese take time so I will be making them during the year so I can give a few away for gifts next year.

This is my first attempt....this was a bit expensive due to the beads chosen.

This is one I made for my mom...tried not to be Christmas in color as she will most likely keep it out all year.
I really enjoyed beading them and will make several!

I never did post what I sent to Tracey...I was her Secret Santa in the exchange.....

an assortment of things

I loved making this pillow. The print fabric above is the backing.

I am sooooooo behind in visiting blogs and commenting... I will get caught up this weekend.
The decorations come down this weekend also....

Mr H bought a few new plants for the garden. One of them is so interesting... I will post about it tomorrow as well as an update on my tomato plant and strawberry saga.
I am off to work today.... I do appreciate the comments and that you take time to visit. Have a wonderful day.


Gabi said...

The beaded ornaments are looking great . Never tried my hand at these. It looks very tempting though . Love your Santa project.
Wishing you a fantastic 2012

Mouse said...

ooooo fab beaded ornaments ... they are soooo pretty :) lovely exchange gifts you gave and oooo new plants :) love mouse xxx

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What AWESOME ornaments! I love them.

SoCal Debbie said...

Gorgeous ornaments! They look like a lot of work. Great idea to make one for your mom that she can display all year long.

Sandra Kaye said...

I love the ornaments, they are just beautiful. Whoever gets one of those will be over the moon!! Whats your schedule next week?? I need my Gracie fix :):) Hugs

Lindsay said...

Love the ornaments. What pattern did you use?