Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Exchange and Sarah's giveaway

It Winter Exchange piece...from Jan and it is lovely pin keep.
It is a CCN design, Snowflake Serenade...isn't it so soft and pretty. Jan has a nice blog...and I am happy to have her as a new friend.

Sarah is having a stop by and check it out.

It is a cloudy day with the smell of rain in the air....but the question is...will it finally rain? When rain is forecast here in the Valley, being such a large area, it does not mean well all get it. But it would be nice. I will be working limited stitching...and I was just too tired after a busy day at work to stitch last night. That means I have no update on Bella...that is unless I so some stitching this morning. I was able to pick up my stash for a penny rug or two...

It is beautiful wool felt and the cotton print will be the backing...I can be a very stubborn crafter...I often will teach myself how to do something....I am sure I will figure this one out. As for the pattern, A Gardener's Journal, I think I may have a source...The Home Patch in Australia. I am not sure what  the shipping is...but it may be as much as the book! But I want it and I will order it...because, just because.
Well, I am getting I will close for now. Thanks for stopping by...have a wonderful day....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wanted: a pattern

It is so pleasant to visit one another...even though it is not in person. Sometimes we console, we always praise and most certainly we listen and we even learn. So now I am looking for help. No, not for the Penny Rugs...I think I have that okay...this time it is for a pattern. The Gardner's Journal....I saw it on Chookyblue's and then on an other...both Australians...and there lies the no, not with Donna...but that the pattern is from Australia. I have contacted several places who do not carry nor are they able to order it for my search is on. I have one last try today...
As for the Penny Rug, I have received advice from Vonna and Tanya and now feel that I can start this new project....already picked out the wool at JoAnn's...and today is employee double discount day!
I managed to put back all that Fred ate me over at my other place and have a look....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Momma said there would be days like this...momma said...

It is not a good start to my day....Oh the sun is bright and the birds are talking...actually they are  complaining because the seed sack is not out yet. Well, they have to wait! I have been very busy feeding Fred....
Have you met Fred..I think you may have. He is always hanging around waiting for me to make a mistake...unlucky for him, I am usually very careful. Like the carpenter, I measure I count 2 times then stitch. What happened this morning is beyond me. But there was Fred, very eager to jump down from his spot to gobble up the corner of Bella. I had just finished complimenting myself on finishing one corner and that I was making progress on the other one when I saw ...the count was off. you can see that corner no longer exists. Bellla does have one completed center and one corner....join me over at my other place to see that all is was not lost....

A Giveaway....

No, it is not my is at Peg' is for her birthday....check it out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where does the time go...

It seems like I loose though I misplace it....
Yesterday was a lovely day...we sat outside....Dennis made a batch of delicious scones...we had them with tea....I did not stitch! I planned to stitch...had my basket outside with us...but I never held the needle in hand.
Stopped by the Vet's office to get some meds for the furbaby...I did mention that Zoe has not been feeling quite herself...not even sure that she knows what herself is! It takes a lot to get meds into her. Oh I know, you will say put it in peanut cheese...not...she does like ham. So, it took forever once she got a little taste of the pill, but soon the want of that ham slice won her over. She is a trip....but, we are very smitten with this face...

Everything is a big deal with her...should I come in...are you coming back out...what to do.
I can show you the Winter Exchange that I sent to my partner Angela.
It was fun to was a freebie from gazette 94. I coffee dyed the 28 ct linen and stitched with suggested DMC floss. Hubby liked it and thinks I should make one for us....probably will...after the challenge!

I finished the stitching on Milady's pendant...come over with me to my other place and see what you think.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did you have a good Monday...

I know, it was Valentine's Day...but ever since we moved out here to Arizona, we have become quite nonchalant about the days of the week/month/year. Sometimes we have to ask one another what day it is or I have to look at the calendar to remember. Oh, I always know when it is Thursday or Friday and Saturday...I work those days. We really do not exchange gifts anymore...just don't. But cards, now that is a different thing. Mr H finds just the  right one, always does...

We took a ride yesterday was beautiful ...temps around 74. We headed out a bit to the north, but not far from home...and what did we see? You know those signs that have a picture for cattle crossing...well, they were not crossing, but free roaming on the side of the road. So I said .."stop the car"...yeah, just like in the movies. I grabbed the ever close to hand camera....
they actually posed..well, I think they did, but then to the right I saw movement, actually he scratched at the dry land...

He stared...then began to walk forward...time to jump back to the car.
Earlier in the day I received a package...I had won a drawing from Denise and I could not wait to open it.
This wonderful Lizzie 7 Kate pattern, the threads, the linen and the buttons.....
this collection From Sekas & Co, some with a cute button to attach...

And then, a gift card...and assortment of linen which will be great for ornies....
Well, I had a busy and fun filled day...hope you did and will today also.
If you follow me to my other place, I have an update....

Follows Monday

For Today
Outside my window
The sun is bright
I am thinking
About my family
From the kitchen
The smell of fresh brewed coffee
I am wearing
Shorts and a short sleeved shirt and I am bare foot
I am creating
A lovely crossed stitched biscornu
Around the house
Shh..they are still asleep
On my mind
Must write a letter to my cousin
I am hearing
The hum of the washing machine
From my camera's eye

We encounted this free roaming herd of Long Horn cattle yesterday, so I got out of the car to take a picture......The guy in the lower picture decided to  head my way...seemed a little put out...I got back into the car.

I am wishing
You all have a wonderful day

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air~~~~~~~~

A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,
A song is no song 'til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn’t put there to stay -
Love isn’t love
'Til you give it away.
~Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music,
"You Are Sixteen (Reprise)"
I send my affection to all of you who visit me, follow me, offer your comments and encourage me. Today is like most other days, except it is Valentine's Day. For me, everyday I have with my wonderful husband is a day with love.....I truly love him more today than I did on the day we married.
Enough with the mush.....I so enjoyed the warmth of yesterday. Mr H and I sat out side on the lanai most of the day....he relaxed while I stitched. I honestly can only work on Milady's motif a short time...1 over 1...enough said. But is so nice to stitch. Would yuou like to see...follow me to my other place and see .....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday.....

Actually, most everyday is sunny in Arizona....anyway, I am planning know it is going to be a wonderful day. There is one small hiccup though...our furbaby Zoe is not feeling well..again.. so tomorrow will be a call to her PCP.....she will be 11 in July, so maybe some of this is because of that....we shall see.
There is a quilt show being held in the next community that I may check out. My friend Marilyn went yesterday and there is a Crazy Quilt demo that she said was great. I do want to do a piece so it might be a good idea to speak with someone of experience. I also want to do a Penny Rug...gee, I want to do a lot don't I...but don't think for one moment that I would neglect my Crazy Challenge....I am going crazy just having so many WIP's!
I have just opened the slider an the Goldfinches are happily singing at the feeder. I think I will sit outside and stitch....
I am happy to have you visit. There is an update for Bella and I did a flower motif on my day 15 me at my other placeand take a peek. Hope your day is lovely, just lovely.