Friday, March 24, 2017

Irish Lucky Pennies

The ten Irish Lucky Pennies are finished and I found the extra thread! I was not sure I would have enough of the Iris Pearl Cotton thread and could not find more until I spotted the last of it at Jo Ann's. My friend Mary Ann is giving these as gifts so she wanted them all to match.  Mary Ann brought the coins back from her trip to Ireland. Today we have a doctor appointment for Mr H.....and a few errands to accomplish. I visited with my Alice yesterday morning and hopefully I will soon have pictures to show. Right now, they would not be too interesting.  I would like to begin the next Brooch from the Tatted Ovals booklet and would like to start on Tatted Angel ornaments for Christmas gifts. Tuesday evening we had very high gusty winds and then the rain. The temps have fallen out of the high 80s low 90s for now so it is feeling chilly...I know, some of you are still with snow and still waiting for Spring weather. What can I say, we are spoiled. I picked 2 more tomatoes yesterday....they ae delicious when fresh from the plant. Tomato cucumber basil salad today on the menu. I am feeling better and my blood pressure is still up there but lower than last week. The doctor has requested  told me that I can have only 2 cups of coffee a day not the regular 4. I will be having some tests done soon to rule out additional issues. Your messages of good wishes have warmed my heart. In the scheme of things, I am lucky with my health.  Now if we can only settle Dennis' issues.....anyway, that is about the story for today. Glad you had some time to stop by. Thank you for the kind words and most of all for your friendship. Have a great day. Now where did I leave my shuttles......

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Broach

Well, the blood pressure is still high and today I am off to see my PCP. She called me late yesterday concerned so a visit and a chat and med adjustment. Since I am not feeling all that right, I think it is a good idea to see her. I finally made it to Jo Ann's yesterday for a few items and managed to finish another tatted broach
the flowers are tatted from the new book, 3D Flowers by Carolyn Craig...(love them all). Actually, these are a combination of her design and a little bit of my adaption.

Here is another view to show you the pearl inside the flower bud. Carolyn has lovely designs and I want to just make them all! I have been unable to purchase the type of backing she suggested for making them into pins, but for now I will just tat and scout on line for them. Here is what I have so far
Really enjoying these projects. I finally got the right thread to finish the Lucky Irish Pennies for my friend Maryann. That means these Broaches will be on hold while I finish the pennies. I have 6 to finish. It happens to be 2 little sleep so I am hoping that I will get tired enough to fall back to sleep....maybe a bit of TV and off I will slumber.  So, it has been nice chatting with you but I really need to doze off. Thank yo for the kind words and for you sheep, two sheep, three sheep.........💤💤💤💤💤💤

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How quickly a day changes

Well, I never tatted from my new book, I never enjoyed sitting outside....instead it was several hours in the ER for me. Remember the visit with the doctor for my knee? When they took my blood pressure it was sky high and they did take it several times. So it was suggested that I follow up with my doctor if it remain high. I took my pressure later that evening and then again yesterday morning...more than once, and it was still very high. Do off to the ER Mr H and I went. After time spent with the monitor hooked up, an IV inserted, chest x-rays and blood work, they found nothing wrong...not to worry but still follow up with my PCP. They did give me another BP med ( I already take 2 a day) right there and an RX for it to take for 14 days. So.......when we arrived back home I was too tired and sore...did I mention that I have the bruise of bruises at the IV site?, and just felt out of sorts. Not a good day at all. I am starting this one with a headache and still a very sore right stitching/tatting arm. Even though the temps will be in the 90s, I hope to sit outside and tat after I get my new med at the pharmacy. As Dennis sat with me in the ER room, he said "we should have brought your new tatting book". I looked down at my right arm...IV, then to my left arm...BP machine and yes, the right index finger attached to a gadget...."Denny ( that is what I call him) now how would I even hold the book". "Oh you could manage" least he was thinking of me. About those Mourning Doves...there are 2 more eggs. Things look so pretty with flowers blooming and everything nice and green.  As I sit here and type, I just realized that this computer desk is still a mess....maybe later. Thank you for the kind words and for taking time to visit. Thank you most of all for your friendship. Let's all have a good day!