Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yesterday and Today----

If the sun never shines again....
Hold fireflies in your hands to keep warm.

If I have not told you yet---I am very specious. Oh I don't care about ladders and black's the feelings that I get or dreams. I am named for my maternal grandmother whom I never got to meet as she died young. Grandma Gracia ( Italian for Grace) was very very superstitious and my grandpa used to say that I was very much her. Anyway....remember the opening of my post yesterday? Well, it was busy at work...I worked until 5:15 only to find that my PT would not start..the temp was 104 out..dead to Mr H who called on Tony ( Ziz'z other half) who came to jump the car. The battery is not quite a year old. Here in Arizona the heat takes a tole on car batteries and tires. So, Mr H is off to Auto Zone to have it checked did start this morning but can not trust that. Glad yesterday is gone-----
On to good things.....
TUSAL is getting full.....a little stuff it down should do the trick.
I have the bottom of my pincushion almost finished....
I have worked the variegated color so I have more Burgundy than red.....but I do want some red. I am already thinking of the next one and the colors I will use!
I am off to work this nice to have you stop and chat....have a great day.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think it will be one of those days~~~~~

If your horse needs shoes....
let him use his wings.

I guess I forgot to detail my project.....the Tulip Box.
It is from.....
I used the suggested GA threads but stitched on 30ct WDW Parchment instead of the suggested linen.
The box was unfinished...

from Hobby Lobby. It is called a card box.
I first painted it a grey then wiped on a maple stain and continued until I liked the color blend. I waxed it using Bees wax with Orange oil.
Do you ever start to look for something then end up doing or finding something else? Well----that was me this morning. I went to my file of Cd's from GOS and came across a pattern from their July 2009 issue 42 that I just have to stitch. It is called Pagoda Pincushion by Lody Steward.

 I decided to hold off on a picture of what it is until it is finished. I am stitching on 28ct White linen from my drawer and the suggested DMC threads....there are only 2 colors.....#115 variegated Wine to Burgandy and #792 Dark Cornflower Blue. The beads will be Gold. Did I mention I had already begun to stitch the BBD Summer Lillies pincushion for myself.....I hardly ever never get bored.
I must say that you, my blog friends and those without a blog friends are the best. Thank you for all your kind words and your visits with me. Hope your day is marvelous.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tulip Box complete

If your shoes don't fit......
give them to the fish in the pond.

Went out for my morning walk.....I will say that it is hot......Monsoon muggy. We are not used to humidity here in Arizona, but during the Monsoon season we get it. I would love another cup of coffee or even a cup of tea but I am downing a tall glass of Gatorade Rain instead.

Warning~~~ lots of pictures coming your way.
I could not decide what to trim the top with then added the Ric-rack.
The inside is finished in my own way. The fabric was a bit bright so to make it duller I dyed it.
there is a new frog in town...and I added buttons and I made a counting pin for the cushion side.
I am really pleased with the final project.
Hope it was not too much to view~~~~glad you did stop by. Thank you for the wonderful comments and emails. Welcome to a several new followers....some without a blog. Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A presentaion and an almost

If you find your socks don't match...
Stand in a flower bed.

Did you miss me yesterday...or how about early today? Well, some days Blogger and I have a  problem disagreement and I do not even know why! Yesterday afternoon after my monthly stitch group meeting...a mouthful--- I could not sign in to post. Today, it seemed like it would be a repeat of yesterday, but now here I am.
Friends are wonderful...sometimes they are really the best in our lives. We do a show and tell every month. Anyone can present a completed piece and tell a bit about it. Helen did just that---but with a twist. She told her tale and then announced that she made the framed piece for a good and dear friend who was present....Fern! Well, the look on Fern's face and the gentle tears that fell said it all......

Fern loves cats---has 3 and does volunteer work for a local cat shelter. The piece was beautifully stitched by Helen all about cats. Click on the picture to enlarge/read it. I have the best friends in my life.
On my is just about ready to mount on the box top. Unfortunately, due to an interruption----a phone call from sis Lyn in RI---stitching progress came to a halt. You know how our conversations go on and on....anyway....
This will be the pincushion for the inside. I finally decided on the button I wanted. The design tells you to stitch Ric-rack in he space where the button is. The Ric-rack that I am using...that I dyed from white....does not look good. It looks very nice on the fabric for the box lining but not here. So....another what shall I stitch in the space decision. I have to think about it some more.
As for the top....
I chose this shell button and am happy with it. So tomorrow you will see the completed project! I think you will like it as much as I do.
It is so nice that you had the time to spend with me today...hope your day is great.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chicken Soup---dough rising and spinach cooked

If it's the last dance.....
Dance backwards.

    If you are expecting a picture of stitching progress you can forget it. I---who does not cook---spent time in the kitchen today. You are reading correctly. I make the chicken soup and the spinach pies .....not Mr H. There are some things that I can do better! i also steam the rice....remember the burn from last week? well it is better but not gone yet. There were no mishaps in the kitchen today.

   I painted and stained the Tulip Box as well as made the inserts. Wait till you see it. I think it turned out very nice. I am working on the pincushion for the inside. Tomorrow is my monthly stitch group meeting and due to the fact that I leave at 8:30 am...there will probably be no post until the afternoon.

    thank you for visiting...have a wonderful day.