Thursday, January 7, 2016

And it is still raining

We are in the 3rd day of rains....most of the time it stops mid day. I do not mind the rain except it can cause havoc on the roadways. It so seldom really rains that people forget how to drive and forget that because we hardly have rain the roads are slippery. Oh well, I do not have to leave the house (that  I know of) so I will sit and stitch and drink hot tea today. I snapped this picture the other day....
this bee just had a grand ole time in the marigold...he will not be around for the next few days. I am sure he is hiding and keeping dry. I managed to complete Singing Pin Bird...

Keep a green tree in your heart....
and perhaps a singing bird will come. I am pleased with the stitching...the finishing was a bit finicky, but it did turn out okay. I wish I had more of this linen and I do not know name or color but it suits this bird. Yesterday I picked up linen to start my January calendar piece from the Snowflower  Diaries SAL. I am missing one DMC thread as I forgot to get it while at Jo Ann's...I think I will substitute for another green. I chose a darker linen and hope to be able to use it for all 12 months. Nothing fancy or expensive.
I bought a Hyacinth and it will have to be content this morning with light from the lamp...I think it will be purple...anyway, I will enjoy waiting for it to open. Twenty days and The Brother Alan will be here....but who is counting! Right now I need a cup of coffee and something to keep my stomach from yelling. I am so glad to have you visit. Thank you for your friendship and kind words....have a wonderful day.
PS: It is almost time for my Un Birthday! So be sure to watch for it.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Red sunrise

A shock of red sky
starts an overcast Sunday
Waiting for the sun
I just love the morning and evening skies...they can change in a blink of an eye. I have joined a new SAL...from The Snowflower Diaries. I am deciding on the fabric...I am hoping to get more stitching on Singing Bird today.

One side finished except for the heart which I will stitch on later. I really like this piece of linen...from who knows where and what. It is a fairly quick stitch so today should be the day for the next piece. This has been in my pattern collection for about a year or so...why did I wait to do it? I love the colors and of course it has beads......
and lavender threads. I am using DMC threads. I need to get a piece of Buckram for my bell pull, I will get that tomorrow after I drop Mr H off at PT. I am still deciding on what to do about a hanger. Gee, my New Year has started off pretty busy. I am now in count down until The Brother Alan arrives on the 27th. I look forward to his yearly visits. This is the first time he will be coming in the "winter", however, it is still nothing like his New England winters. Our weather has been a little cool. We have some tentative plans but we go with the day kind of plans. My stomach is telling me I need to provide it with food, so I guess I will say thank you for visiting with me. I am so lucky to count you as my friend...have a great day.