Friday, October 14, 2016

Flowers of a sort

What a week it has been. I started a 2 new meds and hopefully I will not feel so tired and the coughing will lessen if not go away. The pharmacist also told me that I was taking one of my other pills at the wrong time of day. I have been lazy this week, but did manage to work on getting the last stitches in on my ornament and figured out how I want to finish it. The backing is cut and ready to go when I am, and I do hope that will be soon. Anyway, I started a Sunflower Dresden...
It is ready to be hand stitched down...that is why there are so many pins! I had watched an Eleanor Burs episode where she did  the Dresden plate in a quilt and also did it as a sunflower block...and I really had to do one. I did change the size of the center button from 5 1/2 inch size to a finished 4 inch. The smaller size lets more of the petal show. I love the colors I found for this.  The dark green back for me are the leaves.  This would make a great Christmas wreath block too.  I was able to stitch on my Hawaiian block although it really is not much to show right now. I find it hard to think that it is already mid-month! Are there any little ones in your life that believe in Santa?  I enjoy sending Reindeer food with a letter from Santa's elf . If so, send me their name, age and address, as I mail it to them. I leave you today with a lovely bouquet of flowers that I bought yesterday. I hope they add some sunshine to your day.

It was nice to have you visit today. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a lovely day.