Friday, September 28, 2012

A late start to my day..

Left work early yesterday with a migraine  Tired today,  I did take the day off. Tomorrow will be busy...last day for current sale.
Yesterday as I walked into the living room I saw a shadow by the window. I was planning to open the front door to let the beautiful morning air in when who should be there...
When he saw me, he turned and walked across to my neighbor...actually I think he was going to check to see if any of the rabbits living in under the cactus there were peeking out. Soon as the weather begins to cool, out they come at all hours. Mr H will need to be more cautious when taking Ms Zoe out.
My Lady is ready for her final finishing! I can't wait to show her off. Final steps today most likely. Already to start my BBD design for the exchange. Picked up a book from the library. Even though I love my e Reader  it is so nice to hold a book in hand.  It is Garment of Shadows by Laurie King. A story about Mary Russell who we learn is wife to Sherlock Holmes! Now, I watch over and over the Sherlock Holmes series. We have the entire DVD collection. I just can not get it into my mind that he would be married. We shall see.
 So glad you stopped by...hope your day is wonderful.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More friends to meet

What a lovely morning. The temp is around 70 and the doors are all open... at least for now. I have laundry in the dryer and spent some of the morning stitching on My Lady and getting some beads ready for a bracelet to send as a gift... beads out for some Santa earrings also for gifts...but I want to share a few more pictures from Monday's Stitch group.
Let me tell you about these two ladies. Of course you have met Dear Ziz before ( top left)...always has a smile and kind word for all. She is helping Jeanne who is a marvelous quilter. Here Jeanne shows her latest creation.

Next is Helen.... This is a large project of a lion. Lots of confetti stitching and many blended colors. Helen is stitching this one for a family member. They are sure lucky to get this when completed.
Our group may get together only once a month, but it is a pleasure to spend time with these and the other ladies. Sometimes stitching is secondary to friendship.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can it really be? Are we really having days that are in the 90's? The forecast this week tells us that it will be all 90's and no triple digits. Well now, this is good news around here. It means that soon I will back outside and that Mr H will get the yard back in order and ready for new plants. Although not a very cool morning, I am sitting here with the kitchen slider open and listening to a conversation between parent Gamble Quails and their teen-aged youngsters. We classify the baby quail as they mature. This group is almost ready to leave their parents.
Yesterday was our monthly stitch group and tell was/is always the highlight.
This is Sunny and her beautiful Coi. She converted this project from needlepoint to cross stitch and found just the right color matches to make it work.
One of talented ladies, Anne brought a few garments and this queen size quilt...
Anne is accomplished in many areas of stitching and this is Sashiko. In January she will be teaching a few of us in this decorative stitching. She has written, along with a friend Pauline, a book with many of the patterns. Can't wait to learn several of these stitches.
Tomorrow I will introduce you to two other ladies and their fine work. I am still working on My Lady and hope to get it finished this week. Things just seem to get in the way! As much as I love having more than one project going at a time, sometimes I stitch on none of them! It is a pleasure to have you visit and wonderful of you to take the time to leave kind words. Enjoy your day.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New fab and trim

I cannot believe that last week is over. It was so busy at work and working 4 days... well it has just about done me in. I think my system maybe almost accustomed to the new med. At least I did not wake feeling nausea. I know my BP is high today... plan to get that home BP kit today so I can properly track it. But you know how it is. We know our own body quirks.
I went to work 2 hours early yesterday so I could shop for a few items. I knew it would be busy being Saturday and the last day to use those 50% off coupons.  Here are a few of my goodies...
I hope you can see the gold glimmer of the brown fabric. It looks regal to me. And then I found the gold braid trim and the tassels. They too will do nicely for my plans.  Not sure why I bought the pink print.

The morning started out comfortable but seems like it is already heating up. I really miss sitting outside with my morning coffee. Mr H will be enjoying  maybe enjoying the football games today. Hopefully his favorite team will do well. By that I do mean the NE Patriots! I plan to stitch.
Tomorrow I will get my MRI results and hopefully a plan of action. Tomorrow is our monthly stitch group meeting and I plan to attend. Next week I am still on for 4 days of work.  I have a feeling it will be so through the holidays.  Well my friends, it has been so nice to chat and visit with you, but I need a cup of tea...and want to work on My Lady... she is coming along as I had envisioned she would. Thank you for taking the time to visit and I do hope your day is pleasant.