Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Blog Hop

This year Jo from Serendipitous Stitching is hosting our hop....
Just Cross Stitch Halloween magazine 2013--Barbara Swanson for DMC Corp. I did make some thread color changes.

 My letter is A  and after you visit with me be on your way to.... and collect your next letter.
My day to relax and just stitch left me sometime around 9:30 AM when Mr H and I left for his doctor appointment. First we stopped here then there and there over there...a bite to eat and then a few Christmas gifts and by the time I arrived back to my stitching chair, my hands said forget it and the needle stayed in the basket. Not even the shuttles wanted to tat.
But the mail had arrived...
An early surprise Christmas gift from Annette! The lovely card that she made said that I might want to stitch this before Christmas so that was my go ahead and open it approval and I must say I do approve. I cannot wait to work on this. I love needle-books...I try to keep one with each project and she  made me a nice one! Are you ready for a little story? Of course you are. One day some time back the phone rang and when I said hello the voice introduced herself as Annette.
she took the time to find my number wanted to call...she followed my blog and I hers! She was calling from California...we chatted and I knew she was a friend, we just have not face to face met...yet. Early in the day yesterday I was remembering that call...then the package arrived! Is that not proof of a friendship connection!? For all those with children or those who live in an area with gremlins who will come to call, have a safe and fun evening. For me, it has been a  Trick Treat having you visit. Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The middle of the week...

I really like day off, middle of the week; my day. So, what have I been up to....Monday was our Sun Stitchers meeting. I have organized an ornament exchange which will be at our next meeting November 25th, Worked yesterday and here I am today. Mr H has a doctor appointment this morning and we have a couple of errands to do. He is almost finished with the kitchen cabinets and now for new hardware. I plan to then stitch. Would love to do so outside....we will see. I had a migraine yesterday, haven't had one in ages. Finally started to ease up after I was at work and then by 6 it was just tired and no headache. Look what is new to the mantle...
a silver spider! I think I will make a couple more...someone must want a silver spider for their Christmas tree.
Are you wondering where my posts have been? Well, maybe not, but I will tell you. Sunday evening an hour after I used the computer (desk to), M H called to me that it wou7ld not turn on. Actually it was the 1 year old monitor that would not come on. Soooo, Monday afternoon off to the Geeks at Best Buy and the geek plugged it into a computer and it worked. He tells me to bring in the tower and monitor to be checked. So, back we returned and he sets it up and it all works. Go figure. Not a clue what was wrong. Technology is wonderful when it works smoothly.
I have no stitching update pictures, but how about this..
just another amazing sunset taken the other evening. Brilliant gold with a splash of orange.....
It has been so nice to chat with you today. Thank you for being my friend and always knowing just what to say! I love your kind words and emails. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Out with a blaze

Sometime I look and see the most amazing sunsets
This is what I saw at 6:20 last evening looking out from our garage.... took my breath away. The sky above the White Tank Mountains.... about 30 miles west of us. Some nights Mr H and I just stand outside and watch as the sun sets....never tire of it.
An icicle in the hot Arizona desert? Yes there is now...
Just finished tatting this.  Measures about 4 inches without the hanging thread. Sorry about the darker snaps...but it is as in the bright picture in color. I see a few more of these in the making and would love to know they are going to someones tree this year. The beads are clear and a little hint of color. I will be trying a few different bead styles. Gee, I guess this will mean a trip to the bead shop....what are the chances of my walking out with only the needed beads? Right, not a chance.
Mr H is getting the cabinets done and they are looking very nice. I will show you when he is finished the before...during and after pictures soon. Then we can move on to my room. Still trying to decide. Now I seem to be thinking the aqua shades...well at least I have eliminated many of the swatches from the wall. So glad to have a couple of days off from work...need the rest and need time to stitch! This Monday is our Sun Stitchers meeting. Looking forward to seeing the ladies.....I usually take a really simple project to do as we spend so much time chatting and wandering around the room, I hate to take something that requires my undivided attention. So, I guess I best go and find something in the stash to do. Thank you for stopping by today...I so enjoy your kind words and emails. Hope you have a wonderful day...I will be visiting with you soon.