Saturday, July 6, 2013

...time keeps on slipping into the future.....

Can you believe that the first week of July is over? Where are these days going I ask you...time just seems to be passing so quickly. This morning I looked out to see this fellow....
he was running away from the front porch area. He is really kind of cute.... all spotted and from tip of nose to tip of tail about 10 to 12 inches. Moving on....I have been working on The Doll and all her stitches and beads are complete. Next to find the right fabric for her body. I just may have the right floral in my stash. I have also started another tatted snowflake
I have just finished point 2 of 7.
  A bit of a challenge for me this one. This is my second start and so far it is working. I am finding that the written patterns do not give me all the direction I need so I am following the written as well as the picture. I lay out the directions on an index card so it is line by line. Debra has taught me well. I will also be starting a bracelet for my cousin Janice. I need to keep busy, can you tell.
Thank you all for the sweet comments on Thursdays post. I have been very fortunate to have wonderful childhood memories. I sit sometimes and just think of times gone by. It helps when the present times are a bit off, and we all do have those days.
I will leave you with another bouquet of Gladiolas...
Lavender and reds.... they add such beauty  to my dining area.Still looking for a new adventure for Madame Muriel......please email me if interested. You know, she has been to so many places, I am not exactly sure where the adventures began. If anyone knows, please tell me.
Another hot day here... it has been a little cloudy this morning. The garden is watered and the laundry done so I can just continue to tat. Have my large glass of iced water close at hand. So glad you had the time to drop by. I so enjoy your kind words and email.  Hope you have a marvelous day and weekend.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th Rememberance

Today my post is not about stitching but a personal story. I hope you stay to visit to hear it.
Yes, it is Independence Day in the USA. A day we proudly wave the American Flag, enjoy picnics and fireworks. But each year when this day arrives, I think of a special person, my Aunti Angie. She was mom's older sister. Born April 15 1925... she used to remark she was the tax baby.... and died on July 4th 1974. She was a wonderful aunt to sis Lynowl and me. So many memories. She stayed with us on and off during my growing years. What a lady! Before it was fashionable, she took an automotive class for minor car repairs. She was a rebel in her time. There was the time she took me and Lynowl out with our sled on a snowy day to a store that was closed when we got there...quite a distance I might tell you. When we returned home dad was there and furious with her because unknown to us, it turned out we were having a blizzard! When we told dad that we had such fun, he dropped the subject. She could wrap him around her little finger as they say. Once when I was in middle school, my girlfriend Peggy bought a great handbag. Aunt Angie heard me talking about it and she went and bought me the same bag. There was the night when I was just about 6 years old that Aunt Angie told me that we were going for a ride and I had to keep it a secret or daddy would get very angry with her. It was quite late and we went to the Naval Shipyard so she could wave goodbye to a sailor friend! It wasn't until a few nights before my wedding that we were all together at our house, some 17 years later that I told my dad. He just looked at aunt Angie and shook his head. I could go on and on...she had a baby alligator once, and a squirrel monkey for pets. She was a character.
Wasn't she pretty.... let me tell you about the items in this picture. First I do not know the year of the photo. I do not have but a couple of her, but this is my favorite. Starting at the top gifts from her though the short years we spent together. To the left is a beautiful cameo ring she gave to me when I was in high school. It is hard to see, but it has a 14kt gold chain with a small cut diamond in the center of the necklace. Below that is the pendant watch (back and front view) she gave to me when I started to work... yes it still works and has rubies in the mechanism. Then there is the butterfly pin with cultured pearls. Above that are the earrings she gave me as one of the gifts for my wedding in 1970. Lastly is a handkerchief she tatted.....though she tried many times to teach me, I could not learn. She is smiling down on me now that I finally can tat. One of the hardest memories for me is when my youngest son Eric was born. She came to visit when he was just a few days old. As she held him she told me her cancer had returned and that she had about a year to live. I thought this just can't be and began to cry. She scolded me like you would a child and told me to never let her see me cry again or she would not visit me. What was to be would be she said and I to this day feel that way. To this day I feel everything has a purpose.... we cannot change what is meant to be. She did die the next year. So full of more mischief to get into. That is how I wish to remember her....and do so every 4th of July. Every girl should have an Aunti Angie in their life. I choose to remember all the wonderful adventures I had with her, not the sad part.
Thank you for listening to my story today... I am almost finished with the stitching of The Doll...and want to start another tatted snowflake today. Whatever you plans for this day, hope you have fun... make memories.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet Hazel

Remember I mentioned that Debra brought me a gift......first let's start at the start. When we met, Debra brought a show and tell of tools needed for tatting. Just like with all our other crafts, there are items we need to do the job easily and correctly. Well, one of these tools is an awl. I did not have one. I did go out to buy one. The first place I tried was Ace Hardware. Now if there is one thing I hear everyday is that I have an accent and sometimes often I am asked to repeat myself. Usually I spell things out. Anyway, the clerk did not first know what I was saying and then after spelling it out she did not have one! Back to my "Tool Kit".... I improvised with a few needles and then Debra visited.

Meet Hazel. I must say that this gift brought tears to my eyes. This awl belonged to Debra's mom. She passed away some years ago and Debra thought that her mom, Hazel, would have like me and our friendship so it was fitting that I should have this. Hazel was a beautiful tatter as I have seen a few of her pieces. The beauty of friendship and sharing. Now before I cry again...
I finished the beaded snowflake that was confusing to me. Of course once I had Debra by my side to start me off.....

I was able to complete it last night. I really am proud of my new found ability! Oh I know, we should not be braggers, but I am so happy that I can actually tat. My dear Aunti Angie who tried so many years ago would be so proud of me. I actually found one of the handkerchiefs she made for me.... another photo op, another day. So far I have 4 of my goal for making 12 ornaments for my tree. I would love to make a few as gifts also. Last year I made and sent Christmas Spiders, which I would do again and Reindeer Food to some children and would love to again this year. Now I will add the tatting. I love sharing my work... it is such a compliment when someone asks for something I have made. Remember the bracelet the other post? My Cousin Janice back in RI has asked for one in black... I think it will be very pretty. I must get to the bead shop soon so I can make it for her.
Well my friends, it is already  a hot day and it is still quite early. We have yet another Arizona wild fire up to the North of me...this has cost the lives of 19 firefighters. A sad start to the week. I continue to stay cool indoors with the air conditioner and the ceiling fans running. Hope all of you are well and comfy. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to visit with me. Hope you have a nice day.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not a good morning...

Besides being hot outside I woke with a headache...not a very bad one, but enough to be annoying. But I do not think you really want to hear my about....
This is a gift I made for Debra. She mentioned that she did not have a display for her scissors so I looked for one of the dishes that many of us have.... they are not easy to come by out here. These are ...candle stick holders! I looked at them and figured they could work upside down and they did. I made a pin cushion and a counting pin with a few purchased roses.... I have not made mine up yet.
Debra made time for me and helped me with my beaded snowflake. So far it is looking very nice. We have discovered that we are kindred spirits...our new friendship feels like it has been forever. Debra brought me a very lovely gift... will show you later. I was so touched.
The other night Mr H and I shopped at AJ's, a specialty market and I bought...
 3 Beautiful Gladiola stems
Peach, White and yellow. What a bright spot for the dining table. When we lived in Rhode Island, we grew them occasionally...
Mr H took down the hanging plant which will eliminate the Quail nest.... hopefully the plant will thrive now. It has been so nice to have you visit with me today. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... hope you have a good day.