Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunshine anytime....

I always have sunshine..... even in the dark of night. Living here in The Valley of The Sun..... it is sunny most everyday. But sometimes at night, I need a bit more so out to the yard I venture to find a smiling face.

Worked yesterday.... an 8 hour day. Now I am not complaining, especially when there are those who need/want a job..... but I am not used to the 8 hour shift anymore. To say that Jo Ann's was busy is like saying the Sahara has sand. We had 15 of us cutting fabric and at times there were 100-120 people waiting to have fabric cut. Most were pleasant... but every now and again there was the complainer. Too long a wait, lines moving too slow, can't get what they want. Really, it is Black Friday and as usual the sale is fantastic. I will be going back in today for another 8 hour day.... next week back to my 5 hour shifts.

Did I stitch at all this week...... yes, but some of it is for those exchanges and then there was Thanksgiving.... I did get some landscaping done on Lavender's Blue but do not have a picture...tomorrow is another day.

Hope you have a great day.......thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful~~~~

I  am thankful for the love and companionship of my husband Dennis aka Mr H
I am thankful for my family in good times and trying times
I am thankful for my friends who have chosen to be my friends

It is a very cloudy day .... I see no sun peeking out from the clouds. But that is okay. We can not have sunshine everyday. Soon, turkey will be in the oven and fixings prepared. A day of relaxing and spending time together.
My stitching has been slow lately. I can not yet post pictures as what is done is for gifts. Well, except for

Lavender's  Blue is slowly coming along....
As if I do not have enough to stitch, I started a beaded project.... small, but new for me. I must admit I will be needing help with this one. I will be going to the bead shop on Dec 4th and maybe then I will be able to take a picture.
Last year I participated in the  Crazy 15 Challenge. I really enjoyed the fun of so many projects. This year I will instead look into the depths of my project pouches and work to finish a few long lost projects. Now you do not think for one minute that I will not start new projects.....impossible! So I will be sure to mix it up a bit.

Thank you for stopping by today. We send our best to all of you and wish you a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange.  ~Author Unknown

I have been lucky to gets hugs so many times when they were really needed. No, I am not asking for me... for a new blogger Amanda..... she could use some cheer up hugs. Stop by and say hello.

This morning I got a hug from Susan and it was needed just then. Hugs right back to you Susan.
Yesterday was my turn for the doctor. She tells me that I need lab work. Remember the last time I had blood drawn???? Yes, that is right it was painful... collapsed veins and bruising and swelling. Not fun. Off I go to get my punishment blood work.

I realized that I had not posted the Quilties I made for the exchange....

I wish I could have joined the December exchange.... just too much to do and still looking for minutes hours to add to my days. I am getting greedy!

Well, no time to stitch this to run errands. Must get to the market for Thanksgiving dinner food. We will be cooking just a large turkey breast and the fixings..... I think I will bake some bread..... and we will have a relaxing day. Well, I know I will be stitching and I have several things ready for me to sit at the sewing machine to finish. Posting target is for Monday.
So nice to share some time with you....have a great day.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It is Dear Ziz's fault...and a bit of mine

I know, you are wondering what Dear Ziz did. She e-mailed me that she would be going to Mesa... to The Attic and did I need anything. Well now, that is like asking me if I want chocolate. But I decided that.... no I would not buy need anything. A few phone calls back and forth with Mr Z and I had to call Dear Ziz. So if she did not start I would not have bought. But look....
Berries & Blooms from With Thy Needle... but I did not stop there.....

Just had to have A Stitcher's Purse also by WTN....and of course the threads and linen. Too bad the linen color does not show is Lakeside V Wood Smoke...luscious. Now to be far...I also did some buying ... on my own.
I fell in love with this issue.....and yes, I plan to make something real soon from it. Must get to the bead shop to get supplies... maybe today.
Oh and yess.... my Quilties arrived were handed over. Not by any fault of Sandra did they just reach me. We had planned to meet again at Paradise Bakery and I have had to put it off...... work and Mr H. So finally on Friday we had breakfast and look.....
The House is from Kathy Grant in Australia. She does not have a blog and did not include her e-mail so I can not thank her properly. If anyone know her...please tell her to contact me. Next is the Too Cute Scottie from Marilou. It is so sweet....and  lastly is the front.... it is from Katie. She even sent along the definition and all about the game. This was fun and Sandra is having a Christmas one but at this crazy time I will not be joining. With Mr H going for surgery yet again and work being super holiday busy.... well, I think I will pass this time. But here is Sandra and me.....

I leave you with this early morning sky....
The sun was trying to rise above the cloud...and it finally did.
Enjoy your day...and thank you for spending time with me this day.....