Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A fly by~~~~~~

It is a gorgeous morning---sun bright, temp comfortable, sliders open. I can her the gurgle from the pond fountain. Soothing and cheerful.. No stitching, sorry dear Red. Starting the day with a light headache and no ambition. Off to work today, the start of Daffodil Days sale. Found a cabochon bead yesterday for my up coming class. Before buying the seed beads I best look through my bead cabinet to see what is there. Still taking names for the May card exchange. I will send out the list of names on April 20th, so if interested, please let me know by the 19th. I just received a wonderful card from Lynn all the way from Hawaii where she was vacationing. It is fun to receive these cards and a personal hand written note. Join us! That is about it my dear friends...thank you for your kind words, welcome to a couple of new friends and I do hope you have a wonderful day.

Purple Salvia from our garden. The hummers love it!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hexigon Rosette of sorts

Yesterday is a day thankfully over.... all that I will say is Mr H's hugs are just right; but you will have to take my word for it!! Moving on .... I could not seem to do anything. I felt totally scatter brain, then as I was looking up something, unknown to me now, I found a U Tube for a hexagon turned into a rosette---sort of
look beyond the fact they have not been pressed.... I was lucky to even do these yesterday. But I love how easy it was. The video of course was not in English, but her hands spoke for her. The larger one started as a 4 1/2 cut piece finishing at 2 1/4 and the smaller one was cut at 3 1/3 with a finish of 1 3/4. I used my Hexagon template from ez-quilting. This was a piece  from my fabric scraps. I think I may try to do another with  step by step pictures for a reference guide. I think I may also do one for Teneriffe. You know how it is if you do not do something all the time, it is easy to forget a step. As it is, I can not find the video on line! I still have not tried to do the traditional hexis that so many gals make lovely things from. I tell you often how Mr H loves our garden and his small pond, well yesterday I caught one of the fish on camera...
this is one of 3. The 2 larger ones, about a foot long, are about 5 years old and were 2 inches and 79 cents each from Walmart. They had a baby along the way who is only 3 years old. I say if the Hawks who fly around the house catch sight of them, well, let's not think about it.
So, on to today. This morning I will be off to run an errand then I hope to be creative with Red, poor neglected Red with that wolf on her heels! It has bee so nice to chat with you and I thank you for your kind words and your friendship...have a good day.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Intentions were there

I began by sitting at the computer desk ready to post something today. Instead, one thing has led to another and I read my emails, checked in on Facebook to respond to a few comments left for me and then got here to blog land and started visiting. So, now I really need a cup of coffee and to rest my mind which is now filled with ideas, wants and need to gets. Glad you stopped by ...sorry there is not more here...oh wait....yesterday our first of the year Hibiscus opened and it is facing my kitchen window...
it sure put a smile on my face to look out and see this first thing! Have a wonderful day my dear friends.