Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mail Delivery....from the UK and a giveawy

How nice to come home from work and find...a package...for me and just me....
I had been selected by Viv to receive a PIF... isn't it nice. I can't wait to make the needle case... and what a nice scissor and beautiful fob...

This is the other the colors and the design. Thank you Miss Viv.....the bed and tassel...I love it. I had posted for me to sponsor a takers...maybe it was because I was a new blogger and no one knew what to expect...I am going to post for it as a RAK, here and now....just need to be a follower....with or without a blog....I also am collecting that special Birthday date., so send me the Bday by email and post here for the PIF.
I got a cut on my finger don't get upset...but please feel free to feel of my fingers  on my right hand, at work on a cardboard edge...big I will not do any challenge stitching today. I find it difficult to do anything with a band aid on my fingers! But....I am going to finish some machine stitching...would like to have a few things in the mail on Monday.
Dawn is having a giveaway...stop by here to have a chance to win.
So glad you stopped by to visit and as always, thank you for your comments and emails. Have a wonderful day. I am taking my coffee and the morning paper out to the lanai...too nice to be indoors right now. Hugs to you all............

Friday, April 1, 2011


I love the howls and yips of the coyotes...but not when Zoe needs to go do her thing. It was around 2 am  when she asked Mr H to take her out...but before she finished what she started...the howls could be heard and in she came. The coyotes, although always around and in my courtyard, are usually at a nearby golf course to hunt at night. But I guess their sound made her nervous. Then around 3 am she asked me to take her back out. Mr H decided he should...protecting both Zoe and me, although I know he really wanted to protect stick in hand out they went into the quiet coyotes to be heard. Finally mission accomplished and back to sleep they went...not me.
Look at the fabric I picked up yesterday when I left work....

Each of the blues will be used with the light green and the chili peppers and bights combos will be another project....I will post when they get sent.
This is one of the many berry prints we just got in....

All I will say is that it will be used as gift wrap and you will see that later...
Since I was up anyway I decided to stitch on Garden, if you follow me over to my other place you can take a look....but now I am getting a bit tired and since I do not go in until 1 pm'll have to excuse me now...think I will curl up on the daybed and......

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off to work today....

What a lovely day Mr H and I had yesterday. We started out to get potting soil...but...he knew I was looking for a certain bead so he stopped at one place first...they did not have it...then on to yet another bead shop...he is so sweet...and yes, they had just what I wanted. Until I use it and send it I can not share it with you..sorry. My sis reads my blog so you understand. As I exited the bead shop to walk down a way to meet Mr H, I heard a crash! I never never pull into a parking spot in any way. As these 2 ladies backed out of their spots...not looking of course, they backed smack into each other!  Anyway, I went into the shop to find Mr H and what did he suggest I get....
I always admire this tea for one reminds me of Alice in now I have it. It is a Sue Zipkin design...I think there are other pieces.
Mr H finally got to the garden shop and picked out more flowers and  things are very colorful around the yard. He has a few to finish today...
I did stitch...let's go to my other place so I can show you band/row 6. i am so happy to have chatted with you today...thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did I mention the coyotes~~~~

On Monday as I began to walk over to meet with Ziz to go to our stitch group, I realized I was not alone! There, not 6 feet in front of me as I exited my courtyard were 2...count them...2 coyotes. I had noticed wet foot prints on my walkway...sprinklers had been on...they had just left my courtyard and here we were together the three of us on the sidewalk. They looked at me.. me at them. I took a step forward and then we all began to walk in the same direction. Now, I always have my camera...but I did not think it was a good idea to stop and fiddle in my handbag to retrieve it.... I guess they knew I was minding my own business so they did too. We parted ways a short time later. Last week Mr H encountered one while out with probably thought Zoe was a bit too overweight  protected by Mr H to carry off so it continued on it's way. Just another adventure for all of us.
Speaking of ...Mr H  put some lovely plants in the yard yesterday....a few left to plant today. We sat outside on the lanai enjoying the day. Stitching...well I did get some done. Let's go over to my other place and check it out. So glad you took the time to visit....your friendship is treasured....have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sun Stitchers!

As I mentioned yesterday, our stitch group meets on the 4th Monday each month. We are a small group of diverse ladies who have needlework  as our bond. Would you like to meet some of them?....

Charlotte is working on a stocking
and Jan a wedding piece in sepia...his and her hands

Anne made a needlepoint owl

Roz has stacked coffee cups

Ann is working on a lovely bird

Janet is finishing a panel of angels

Marge is stitching Spirit Dancer

Helen is making a graduation announcement for her grandson

Eleanor is working on a needlepoint Calla Lily

Jane, our club President, is finishing a cute saying

Fern is making a long panel of angels working on a Laurel Burch cats piece
I hope you enjoyed meeting my friends. Next month's meeting is our Spring Luncheon...
Me?  you know what I am stitching...but you will have to follow me to my other place to see that the butterflies are done and so is the next band/row!
Thanks for stopping by and meeting my friends....have a great day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The 4th Monday of the month is....

Today is our monthly stitch group...The Sun Stitchers...and we gather to socialize and stitch, have show and tell, stitch and socialize, then time for lunch.
I planned to just sit and stitch yesterday...well I did stitch, but mostly sat outside and enjoyed the day.
I must admit, I did spend some time looking through both books, A Gardner's Jounal and A Stitcher's Journey....never get tired of planning what to stitch! I think I may have to make a complete quilt...and definitely the Tulip House Stitching Companion, and Smell the Roses Tote Bag....are you seeing where this is going?
Mr H and I found this pretty cactus in bloom in our neighborhood I want one for the front of my house!
Isn't it pretty and so many blooms still to open.

The flowers almost look waxy...but are very soft to touch.

I did say that I join me over at my other place and see....I will work on it at the group session...I think hope....maybe....
So happy to have you visit and love the kind thoughts....have a great day.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More than a RAK.....a generous gift.

What a was busy...left early cause I was coughing and feeling very tired...but........when I arrived home, Mr H said there is a surprise for you on the table! What ? for moi? And there it was....a large envelope....from Australia !
Yes, that's right! My very own A Gardner's Journal peeking out from those daisies.I visit with Chookyblue and Fiona and just loved their quilts from this book. I tried and tried all the local shops here in one carried it or could get it. So I went in search on line and found where to purchase it. But before doing so, I contacted Fiona and her response was "I'll send it to you" yup, that's right just like that! So, it finally arrived with a lovely note from a generous lady. Now, understand that I can quilt but I am not a least not like Chooky and Fiona, but I do have plans and will add them in to my current projects. I know,.... when where and assured I will. If you get the chance, visit with Fiona and check out her work and her friends and Chooky's place too. I have found the most delightful friendships here in blog world. People ready to share ideas, help with instructions and more.
I did not get to stitch last night as I had an asthma attack that I thought would result in an ER trip, but thankfully not...but it meant no stitching which means no update. I will get stitching done today.....
 Mr H and I are hoping to take a ride to the North Mountain Preserve...the Spring blossoms may be ready and some of the cactus are already maybe some pictures to share.
There is a giveaway...and it is from my home state! Check it out over at the left side..label Giveaways....
As always, I am so happy to have your visits, kind words and friendships....have a wonderful day.