Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did I mention the coyotes~~~~

On Monday as I began to walk over to meet with Ziz to go to our stitch group, I realized I was not alone! There, not 6 feet in front of me as I exited my courtyard were 2...count them...2 coyotes. I had noticed wet foot prints on my walkway...sprinklers had been on...they had just left my courtyard and here we were together the three of us on the sidewalk. They looked at me.. me at them. I took a step forward and then we all began to walk in the same direction. Now, I always have my camera...but I did not think it was a good idea to stop and fiddle in my handbag to retrieve it.... I guess they knew I was minding my own business so they did too. We parted ways a short time later. Last week Mr H encountered one while out with probably thought Zoe was a bit too overweight  protected by Mr H to carry off so it continued on it's way. Just another adventure for all of us.
Speaking of ...Mr H  put some lovely plants in the yard yesterday....a few left to plant today. We sat outside on the lanai enjoying the day. Stitching...well I did get some done. Let's go over to my other place and check it out. So glad you took the time to visit....your friendship is treasured....have a wonderful day.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW! That is awfully close to coyotes!
Bet they were pretty though!

Patty C. said...

My mini schnauzer was missing one night - You guessed it - coyotes !!!
He came back the next day with bite marks on his neck & sides - The vet said they tried to kill him - But he has pretty big teeth & believe it or not He won :)
He is ok now but that was pretty scary for him no doubt - He is more cautious in the back yard now !!(And we put up a fence :)

I'm glad you are safe !!!!!!!

CalamityJr said...

That's not something I'd choose to experience "up close and personal" - glad you're both safe!

Melanie said...