Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Postman does ring twice....

I did not plan a post today... as you might tell by the late time of this one. I have been lazy, stitching, having coffee and all around not wanting to do anything. Yesterday I went across the courtyard to stitch and chat with Sweet Jeanne. She is recently back from visiting her daughter. So I wanted to hear all about what they did for the week. I worked on The Witch. We ran an errand then stopped for lunch and then Dairy Queen ice cream....back home to stay put until Mr H's 8 PM MRI. All in all, I nice easy day.
As I said, I did not plan to chat with you but I heard the ding dong of the back bell. The postman rings twice to get my attention after one time ...(when I first moved here) I missed getting to the garage door quick enough! I had to then wait until the next day for the package and had to go to the Post Office to get it.  So, I asked that the bell ring twice so I get there before he drives off... and I will say he does drive too fast through our drives. Anyhooo...
look what I got in the mail. I sent for Christmas green and red for tatting.
Since there would be a package and s & h, why not get a booklet too. I really enjoyed learning to tat on a ring so this book is perfect. I want to make all of the projects! Especially the one on the cover. I must I need to calm down here! I must finish the 2 current cross stitch (actually I think there are a couple more than 2) projects ... but I must tat! I am happy when my shuttles are near by and ready.  I must run now.... need to look at the nice pictures in the book .... again.
Glad you stopped by... thank you for the kind words.... I so appreciate all of you. Have a wonderful day...did I mention my new tatting book????

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's gonna be a long day

I did not sleep well and was up into the  wee hours. I think I finally closed my eyes around 3 AM. So not to waste time, I decided to complete my Southwest print bag.
I rather like it. The fabric is Moda Southwest selection. The squares, 6 inch, were pre-cut...very nice thank you. The pattern calls for 5 inch which is what the size was I made the first bag. This is a little larger which is fine. The straps are made from the ling fabric which is from the same collection. Not sure if I will keep the doodad on the front/back as embellishment, but for now or until I find something else, it will do. I have no idea why, but I want feel that I should do some crocheting again! Why?!? I really have enough to do....we will let it go for now.....
I did some stitching on The Witch and the Halloween piece yesterday but I had a podiatrist appointment which ate up some time. The good news is that I won't be having any surgery....would need to be very extensive but the bad news is that I will have to adjust to some degree of foot pain. I bought  special inserts that will hopefully help ease some of the pain. I have had 6 surgeries on my left foot since 1986, (the last 2009) and do not want anything more! I like this new doctor, he is conservative and that is good. I return in 3 weeks for a follow-up and we shall see if these inserts help. If not, the special made ones will probably be needed....
I would like to welcome a couple of new followers and thank you all for the kind words and emails. I am off to work today.... whatever your plans are, hope you have a marvelous day.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

#12----mission accomplished!

Yesterday The Debra and I got together for a Tat and much fun being with her. Next week we will go out for lunch and a visit to Sweet Salvage in Glendale.
 I managed to start another motif and finished it last night...needs to be blocked and stiffened.
I really want to make this one again. I did add beads to the center picots...thought it would add a bit of sparkle. This may be the one to make several of to give away this Christmas. Christmas! I looked at the calendar this morning and where did August go?! It seems to me, that these past months have been zipping by. Seems like it was just Christmas.... seems like we just got the new car... seems like so many things have happened. Time is something we can not hold on to.
I started my Halloween Exchange... no, you can not see it yet. I was unable to get one of the DMC flosses... 4222 as Jo Ann's did not have it. Guess I will substitute with 42Remember I won Carolyn's give away
Well, she also included a wonderful project... one that I have considered buying! Now of course I must have the other 2 in the series! I love the Mill Hill Beaded kits.... the other Santa kits are The Mesa and The Desert. Thank you again Carolyn for not only the magazine but for the kit. I have also been adding those X's to The Witch...she is going to be so cute.
The weather is still hot and a record temp for the date was set yesterday at 114. Last night the monsoon hit parts of the valley...we just got the very high winds, no rain. Things got tossed about the back yard but nothing broken. Today we will enjoy the comfort of the air conditioner... no errands till tomorrow. I plan to stitch, how about you? Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.