Sunday, August 18, 2013

#12----mission accomplished!

Yesterday The Debra and I got together for a Tat and much fun being with her. Next week we will go out for lunch and a visit to Sweet Salvage in Glendale.
 I managed to start another motif and finished it last night...needs to be blocked and stiffened.
I really want to make this one again. I did add beads to the center picots...thought it would add a bit of sparkle. This may be the one to make several of to give away this Christmas. Christmas! I looked at the calendar this morning and where did August go?! It seems to me, that these past months have been zipping by. Seems like it was just Christmas.... seems like we just got the new car... seems like so many things have happened. Time is something we can not hold on to.
I started my Halloween Exchange... no, you can not see it yet. I was unable to get one of the DMC flosses... 4222 as Jo Ann's did not have it. Guess I will substitute with 42Remember I won Carolyn's give away
Well, she also included a wonderful project... one that I have considered buying! Now of course I must have the other 2 in the series! I love the Mill Hill Beaded kits.... the other Santa kits are The Mesa and The Desert. Thank you again Carolyn for not only the magazine but for the kit. I have also been adding those X's to The Witch...she is going to be so cute.
The weather is still hot and a record temp for the date was set yesterday at 114. Last night the monsoon hit parts of the valley...we just got the very high winds, no rain. Things got tossed about the back yard but nothing broken. Today we will enjoy the comfort of the air conditioner... no errands till tomorrow. I plan to stitch, how about you? Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


Shelly said...

Gracie, we had rain, lots of thunder and lightning. And that was all day! Things cooled down quickly. Your newest motif is beautiful and the beads are a nice touch. Looking good!

Vickie said...

Good plan Gracie! I haven't been able to enjoy our unseasonably cooler weather. Still feel like junk.

butterfly said...

Your motif is looking great with beads too,wow.
Our weather is cool right now but warming up again this week.
Oh yes this year is flying.

cucki said...

Wow your motif is looking so sweet..
Congrats for winning the giveaway..I love it.
Oh dear year is truly flying and it is still cold here :)
Big hugs x

Ele said...

Sweet motif and lovely giveaway!
Still hot were I am, but I agree... this year is flying!

Annette-California said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your tat and chat with Debra:) Beautiful tatting you did and the beads just make it more beautiful. I too plan to stitch tomorrow. Great idea!
Wow you are having some serious heat waves. Here it's been in the 90's. Hope it turns cooler for you soon. Yes August has flown by.
love Annette

Shirlee said...

Another lovely tatted motif Gracie! See ... I told you that you could do it : ) I have always wanted to try one of those Mill Hill ornament kits. I may give one a try before the holidays : )

meggie said...

Beautiful tatting Gracie.
Have a good week (:

Julie said...

I have loved watching your journey in tatting, this ones so pretty.

Simply Victoria said...

Another pretty tatting motif. Stay cool.