Friday, July 22, 2016

Too hot to be this busy~~~~

Our Arizona summer seems to be hotter than usual but I suppose it is that I am getting old more mature. Last evening at 7:30 is was still 107 and due to the monsoon (that really has not been here) it was a bit muggy. The weather gal told me that today will be around 114 later today.  Definitely an indoor day. Since I have been up since 3 am, I decided not to waste the day...
finishing was on my mind until I ran out of ambition. First is the fish
mounted as "'my catch" I rather like her. I found a cute fishing rod at Hobby Lobby and Mr H drilled me a couple of holes for the raw hide and voila....a bit different than the fish my dad used to catch. Then it was on to the hummingbird..
I bought an unfinished wood frame and Mr H gave it a smear of pale yellow, however, the opening was not right. So Mr H thought we should find a frame to add and this one is off color that is distressed and it fits great. Finally I finished the "sewing needle punch piece and decided to mount it on a picnic basket that I have had for over 30 years....just sitting on a shelf...
the fabric behind it will be the lining.
The basket is very well made and is one of my most favorite things. It was from a favorite place to shop and eat in Wickford, Rhode Island from very long ago.
I am deciding just how I want the lining and besides, I ran out of ambition to continue. So, you can see that I truly was busy. Now you know I have been complaining explaining our weather to you, well....I bet you did not bring into the house a complete garden hanger so the heat would not bother the plants!?
yes, Mr H did....from the front porch area to the kitchen. Luckily we have a large kitchen so having to move around it is not too bad. Pothos and Fern...truth be told I do not think they really were unhappy outside. Now, enough from me. Glad we had time to visit but I must have something to eat. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Love the stormy sky

Last evening the sky looked ready to
finally give some rain...well, about ten drops fell and that was it...but the clouds were beautiful. Then, looking to the space across...
pale blue with a rainbow. Earlier yesterday morning at 3 AM I was awaken but claps of thunder and a brief shower...probably 1 minute of soft falling rain...and this is suppose to be our monsoon season. Maybe it is East and South of the Valley, but not at my house. So far this morning is overcast and they say no rain coming our way. In the meantime I am keeping busy with my needle punch the new hoop system and also Nikyscreations, Sewing Basket...
I am enjoying this project. My only issue is that the measurements given are not too clear to me. So I will wait until all the stitching is complete and figure out the templates then. I asked at the quilt shop about the numbers given and they were clueless. Not going to give it any more thought at this time.  I started to let my hair grow a bit then as usual I decided to get it cut. I have kept it short for so long that it seems impossible to have it any other way. With this heat it is more comfortable to have it off my neck. The second laundry is in the washer, and I am hungry so I think a piece of seven grain bread and a cup of coffee is in order. thank you for visiting with me and most of all for your friendship and kind words. Enjoy your day.