Friday, December 2, 2011

The house on the hill

We had rain late yesterday and early last night... I think it amounted to .08".... not much at all. It always seems like more when it is raining, but the numbers show little we keep getting.

I found a critter ready to snatch up some posies....
A white rabbit...I looked to see if Alice was coming along, but alas, no. Now to plant a tree and more letters.

As I am posting I am on hold with the local newspaper. Another missed delivery .... another excuse I am sure. I find it so annoying! And no, I do not want to stop to get it each day. This past year has been the worse for problems with them. They get paid on time so I expect my delivery each day. So if I stop chatting abruptly it will be to yell question the person who will promise me a credit... hold on, some is saying hello. Well that was a waste of time. She can give me no reason or any info. Not giving up! i am getting really tired of the recording "thank you for waiting, your call is important to us" If it is, why is it taking so long for someone to talk to me...
I have work today. It was very busy for most of my shift ( noon to 5) yesterday. Amazing just how much fabric we sell! It was so nice to have you stop by. I do hope your day is wonderful. Thank you for all the kind messages.....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another bloom and the count down begins

Well if you feel like I do, it is hard to believe that today is the 1st of December.....24 days to go. Before we know it the New Year will be here!

I have another bloom.....
I am determined to get this hill finished! Next will be the critter who is probably going to eat all thee you know what it is? 

I have tried to use the Pinterest.... I know I have it but not sure about it. If this statement does not make sense to you.... what about me!!! Do any of you belong to the group? Any suggestions would be most welcome. There are still areas of computer use that I am still a "person in training"! How does one find someone with it.....

Well, enough for today. I am just back from posting my ornament exchanges! Yes, they are in the mail as well as my Pen Pal mailing. Now, to get my Christmas shopping for sis and Mom and get them in the mail. In the mean while, I am off to work today. As always I am happy to have this visit with you. Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The landscapers were here~~~~

Ah yes, the landscapers were here yesterday in and out!
The hillside  has grass and blooms! Hopefully the other bloom and a special critter will soon appear. I am really enjoying this piece. I love the colors.

Speaking of outdoors.... well I did mention the landscapers. Here is one of our 3 tomato plants......
If you look carefully, there are 4 tomato's growing on this branch. I look forward to eating them by New Year's. Mr H has been feeding them with plant food and as I never remember to water the garden, he is sure to give them plenty of water.

I never did get to get the Christmas boxes down.... but today I really will. I am working the next 3 days so I want them out and ready so I can start unpacking them this weekend. The one for the living room requires some moving of a table and such. The one in our bedroom also will have to have a table cleared. Mr H goes for the next surgery on Dec 6th and I have the week off so I will have time to decorate. It won't take too long. This year there will a 3rd tree up. I got it from Dear Ziz who did not want it any longer. It is one of the "pencil trees" and I have wanted to get one for some time.

Well, need to get back to Lavender's Blue.... so glad you stopped by today. I hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One of those days...

Had a busy morning.... a lazy afternoon so far. But I am stitching so it is all alright.
While clicking here and there, I found a nice blog here and a give away. Barbara has a nice place to stop and go ahead, stop by.

The tomato and bean plants are doing well. My mint is growing nicely...not sure if the strawberry will yield any due to the birds keeping an eye on it.... we shall see. It is fun to be able to have veggies in the winter instead of New England snow and cold.

Mr H and I are watching Netflix.... the old Thriller episodes with Boris Karloff. I am brewing more tea and that will be our afternoon. Looking st the time, it will be dinner time soon. I think it will be leftovers tonight. I will have some pictures for tomorrow.... so stop back and see what is happening over at Lavender's Blue.

Monday, November 28, 2011

It must be chilly~~~

I am always if I have socks on, it must be chilly. As long as the sun is out it will be warm.
Thinking of taking down the Christmas stuff from the garage... maybe not to put out/up, but get them ready so when the  urge strikes I will ready. I have been up and moving about since 4 am. I was hungry and Mr H who was also awake.... not out of bed however, suggested a mushroom omelet. Good idea it was too...tasted great with the fresh bread I baked yesterday.

I have not started my Christmas shopping... I do know what I am getting for the few on my list so it should not be difficult. Just have to get out and do it. Cards are ready to be addressed.... just need the stamps. Ornaments for my exchange are ready to post on Dec 1st.

I will leave you with this....
Aw... do I have to get up? This is the look. First I want to pull on her tongue... then her cheeks.....
She does not really get up and leave our bed until around 10 am...... life of leisure!

Thanks for visiting with me today. Have a wonderful day. I plan to stitch on Lavender's Blue......maybe take it out to the lanai to stitch.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Day Sunshine~~~~

Yes...I was thinking about the Beatles when I titled this post. Now the song will rattle around my head for awhile.One of their really sweet songs. It is another  beautiful sunny day and temps cool.
I plan on an easy day after these last 2 sale days. We certainly did a booming business. Saturdays crowd were less anxious I even got to leave a bit earlier. I need Aleve today ... my back feels like an elephant sauntered across it.

I spent some time this morning getting my exchanges ready to post tomorrow. I will take some pictures of course before they are off to here and there. I did take a picture of Lavender's Blue...
Some of the hill and the vine..... I really like working on this one.  I plan to make a plan.... okay ... I will try to plan out which projects to do for 2012. As I said I will not be doing the Crazy again this year. I found some WIPs/UFOs that need are demanding some attention. Truly they are enough to keep me busy for awhile. I also will start a few new ones.... I have no choice .... they call to me from the basket. I also would like to send a few RAK's. So the plan is to drag out all the need to and then add the want to and the should do out and that will be my year.

We have been having a few good days here... knowing what the next 2 weeks hold for Mr H, I hope the days continue as is.
I think I may start getting the Christmas decorations out. Maybe even get the outside done. First however, I need breakfast and another cup of coffee and a few the meantime, I am so happy that you were able to visit with me today. Enjoy your Sunday.