Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One of those days...

Had a busy morning.... a lazy afternoon so far. But I am stitching so it is all alright.
While clicking here and there, I found a nice blog here and a give away. Barbara has a nice place to stop and visit...so go ahead, stop by.

The tomato and bean plants are doing well. My mint is growing nicely...not sure if the strawberry will yield any due to the birds keeping an eye on it.... we shall see. It is fun to be able to have veggies in the winter instead of New England snow and cold.

Mr H and I are watching Netflix.... the old Thriller episodes with Boris Karloff. I am brewing more tea and that will be our afternoon. Looking st the time, it will be dinner time soon. I think it will be leftovers tonight. I will have some pictures for tomorrow.... so stop back and see what is happening over at Lavender's Blue.

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