Friday, November 2, 2012

Sending a message~~~

To all my USA sure to remember to turn back your clocks 1 hour this Sunday ... Arizona does not follow Daylight Savings.
A partly cloudy morning and beautiful cool temps... I am off to work today and if it is anything like yesterday... I will need a foot soak and early night again! You know I must have been exhausted... I slept until 5 AM! Now really, that is 2 hours later than normal.  Of course with the 25% off total purchase coupon this weekend, everyone is taking advantage.  I am relaxing and stitching a little this morning. My plans for the weekend are to set up the sewing machine and do some finish work. A short post today..
Thank you for visiting with me.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is it already Wednesday?

Another week of lost days. I did get some stitching done and new one started. I know~~ I can't help myself. It started with my downloading a freebie from The Little Stitcher....

I just had to make this and I did have that fabric I bought a week or so back. I love the small print. The linen is tea dyed. I have had the old key which I attached since 1973. Actually I have 2 that I found and so I would not loose them, I attached the tassels. Now this one has a permanent place. Since I was visiting Laura's blog I also bought The Wise Old Witch and even though today is Halloween, I am stitching it. It will be a pillow that will remain on the guess room daybed. This room is where I hibernate to and stitch. Of course when someone is in town~~~ sis Lynowl or brother Alan, I relocate. It is a pleasant room... one day I will share pictures. In the meantime, if you have not visited The Little Stitcher you really should. I am not very into primitive stitching, but I do love many of her designs.
Our Ms Zoe did not have a good night...she was very restless and just not her usual self. Of course she had first Mr H up for sometime then me and now she is fast asleep and snoring. Yesterday as I opened the blind in the guest room 4 of the 5 cords snapped! It is a 72 inch blind. Glad it did not fall off the widow and come crashing down.
I am off to stitch for a while then out to replace the blind. The sliders are open and the air is comfortable.... I hope you are all safe from the aftermath of Sandy. Thank you for sharing some time with me.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A busy Sunday

Football is on the TV.... laundry all away.... bread in the machine... oh that's right. I haven't told you about my new bread machine. Years ago I had a nice bread machine and used it all the time. When we sold everything and moved out West, it was one of many items that did not come with us. Last week while watching America's Test Kitchen, Mr H and I talked about making bread and about the machine we had. So we  went on line and found the one we wanted and voila! it is now in my kitchen.
 It is a Breadman and the French loaf we made at the start of the week was good. Today I am making Herb Italian loaf.  There are quite a few tastey sounding recipes in the book but one that I loved and used to make was Zucchini bread and I do not have that recipe. I will have to go on line to find one. I love fresh made bread. The French loaf  was delicious with olive oil and cracked pepper dip. Yum! Well, enough about the bread... I am making myself hungry.
The Travelling Bunny will be out tomorrow to Anne and since my last post, Cucki and Kaye also want to stitch it. So after Anne it goes off to Leila then to Cucki and then to Kaye. They say bunnies are very busy creatures and I guess this one is no exception! Talked with my brother this morning and all was still quiet on the East Coast. Today is another gorgeous day... although I think I will soon need to close the sliders and put on the ceiling fans. I stitched on an exchange piece earlier and will get back to it.  I am a huge PBR fan and will get to watch the finals this afternoon.   I do appreciate the kind words and emails. I do hope you have a great day.