Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is it already Wednesday?

Another week of lost days. I did get some stitching done and new one started. I know~~ I can't help myself. It started with my downloading a freebie from The Little Stitcher....

I just had to make this and I did have that fabric I bought a week or so back. I love the small print. The linen is tea dyed. I have had the old key which I attached since 1973. Actually I have 2 that I found and so I would not loose them, I attached the tassels. Now this one has a permanent place. Since I was visiting Laura's blog I also bought The Wise Old Witch and even though today is Halloween, I am stitching it. It will be a pillow that will remain on the guess room daybed. This room is where I hibernate to and stitch. Of course when someone is in town~~~ sis Lynowl or brother Alan, I relocate. It is a pleasant room... one day I will share pictures. In the meantime, if you have not visited The Little Stitcher you really should. I am not very into primitive stitching, but I do love many of her designs.
Our Ms Zoe did not have a good night...she was very restless and just not her usual self. Of course she had first Mr H up for sometime then me and now she is fast asleep and snoring. Yesterday as I opened the blind in the guest room 4 of the 5 cords snapped! It is a 72 inch blind. Glad it did not fall off the widow and come crashing down.
I am off to stitch for a while then out to replace the blind. The sliders are open and the air is comfortable.... I hope you are all safe from the aftermath of Sandy. Thank you for sharing some time with me.


cucki said...

it is really so cute..
big hugs cucki xx

Nicola said...

Blue has a bad tummy tonight and I am expecting to be up and down all night. I hope that Ms Zoe has recovered.

Janet P said...

I hope Ms Zoe is feeling tons better. I too hope everyone is safe from Sandy.